Dugout Dirt 2043.68 - May Proves Productive for Canes

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Dugout Dirt 2043.68 - May Proves Productive for Canes

Post by DugoutDesperado » Sun Jul 05, 2020 9:52 am

After a 9-18 start during the month of April, the Jacksonville Hurricanes jumped to an 17-10 record during the month of May. The Canes’ faithful are left wondering if the month of June will more closely resemble April, May or somewhere in between.

Personnel changes from April to May can be summarized in four moves. At the catching position, Mike Schofield came back from the injured list and took his place back from rookie Pepe Prieto. Mike has hit .208/.282 with 4 homers while Pepe had 1 home run while hitting .180/.219.

The next move was rookie Jeremy Pickens went onto the injured list at the end of April for 4 weeks. Alejandro Rodriguez stepped in at third while Jeremy was on the mend. Alejandro hit .250/.279 with 5 homers during the month of May. During the month of April, Jeremy hit .233/.303 with one homer.

The third move was to move Jesus Lopez down to the minors and bring up Sabir Askeri. While Jesus went 0-3 with an ERA of 18.00 in four starts, Sabir came out of the gates hot and posted a 6-1 record in 7 starts with a 3.02 ERA.

The final move was to move Esteban Sanchez down to the minors and move Domenic Blondell from the bullpen to the starting rotation. Domenic went 2-0 in 4 starts with an ERA of 4.06 while Esteban was 1-4 in 8 starts with a 7.27 ERA.

During the month of May, the Canes went 7-3 on the road and 10-7 at home. Jacksonville also went 7-7 against teams that had records over .500.

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