He Who Walks Behind the Rows Vol. 1 Ep. 2

GM: Geoff Webb

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He Who Walks Behind the Rows Vol. 1 Ep. 2

Post by FuzzyRawley » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:27 am

Children of The Corn.jpg
GM Webb sits in his office reviewing the statistics, results, transactions and trade offers to take his mind off what is slowly happening outside. Out there, beyond the parking lot, beyond the big box malls and suburban ranch house communities lay his tru dread. Buried only a few inches below the ground, neatly in what seemed to be never ending rows, were the seeds of his doom. The Corn was planted nearly six weeks ago and had germninated. Small stalks were now poking through the ground, struggling to reach up to the sky where two months from now, they would be fully grown and perfect height to hide demons and homocidal children. He hoped that his sanity would survive the sight of that but niggling terror that was residing in his gut at that moment gave him doubts. Or maybe, he shouldn't have tried the new bacon-chipotle-chilli-cornflakes that the concession stands were testing out...

The Kernels hadn't improved their standing at all since he took over, but the signs were there. Starting pitchers were given more leash while the bullpen was put on a shorter one. Base runners were given more freedom to swipe bags and go for home. Hopefully, this would tip the scales to more winning and less losing. If this was going to happen more runs for were needed and less runs scored would help too. This wasn't likely going to change much this season, but Webb was determined that a combination of prospect develompment, waiver wire aquistioning to raise the floor and hopefully some timely trades would set this team up for a run in a few seasons.

The waiver wire aquistions got off to a start with the claiming of Pitchers Ernesto Lopes and Hector Reyes. To make room for Lopes, Des Moines optioned SP Jose Rivera to the El Paso Borderhouns. This move only makes sense on the "might as well try something different" angle, since both pitchers are the propreitors of ERAs above 5. The aquistion of Reyes was already paying dividends since after a rocky two innings against Omaha where he gave up 4 earned runs, he has pitched over 4 scorless innings and only given up 2 hits in four games. The roster spot for Reyes was given up by OF Michael Durham who was put on (and cleared) waivers. Durham, who is 32, failed to find his swing this year and was putting up a .247 WOBA and a 46 WRC+. His $2,000,000 contract is problematic for that kind of production, but an outright release (and likely UMEBA landing) is not out of the question.

In bigger news, young, up and coming ace SP Juan Garcia was lost to a spained ankle, which will keep him on the IR till at least the All Star Break. Garcia had struggle as of late, watching his ERA climb from the mid 2's to the high 4's but his FIP actually decreased to 3.26, suggesting that his fielders need a good chewing out.

Replacing Garcia's spot on the roster, is young stud SP Timmy Karnes. The 21-year old (despite having a name that sounds like he is perpetually falling down wells) is a player that Des Moines hopes will help anchor the rotation as the franchise transitions from rebuild to competitiveness. This promotion is a little early for Webb's tastes, he would've preferred to wait for September call ups, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

Finally, the Kernels have agreed to a two-year $4,800,000 extension with OF Craig White. The 28-year old seems to be thriving in his platoon role and currently holds a WRC+ of 153. Keeping White employed with the Kernels ensures outfield depth over the next two seasons or could be used as a trade piece as the direction of the team comes into focus.

Coming up this week, Webb will be reviewing player development and his recent (Auto) draft picks where it looks like the lower minors will be stacked with pitchers for the coming seasons.
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Re: He Who Walks Behind the Rows Vol. 1 Ep. 2

Post by HoosierVic » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:52 am

Reyes, that turncoat. He winds up on the one roster he knows would send daggers through the hearts of Sox fans (assuming they have hearts, which is a big assumption).

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Re: He Who Walks Behind the Rows Vol. 1 Ep. 2

Post by RonCo » Sat Apr 18, 2020 8:12 pm

Nice moves. Sorry to see Garcia go down. He's a nice little pitcher.

Bacon-chipotle-chilli-cornflakes ... hmmm ... sounds like a new breakfast treat.
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