A Flock of Bluebirds 2041.14- Bluebirds Acquire Tomanek

GM: Matt Rectenwald

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A Flock of Bluebirds 2041.14- Bluebirds Acquire Tomanek

Post by recte44 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:23 pm

A Flock of Bluebirds 2041.14- Bluebirds Acquire Tomanek
August 18, 2041

Nashville Bluebirds AGM Grant Hardin hang up the phone, let out a sigh of relief, and then exclaimed to Nashville GM Matt Rectenwald. "We got him!"

"Tomanek?" Rectenwald asked, excitedly.

"Yup, got our man," said Hardin.

"Fantastic! What did the final deal look like?" Rectenwald asked with great interest.

"We really didn't give up much of consequence, and I think you'll like the International Prospect we picked up," explained Hardin. "Let me pull it up for you, boss."

To Nashville:
RP Miroslav Tomanek (BBA)
2B Kevin Mitchell (INT)

To San Fernando:
CF Alfonso Colon (AAA)
SP Firmino Pega (S A)

"I can live with that for sure," said Rectenwald. "Great job, Grant! I'll go tell Danny (Bluebirds manager Daniel Labrie, Jr.)"

*knock knock*

"Danny, I have news," said Rectenwald as he walked into the skippers office.

"Really? What is it?" The manager was looking for some good news after the club's recent cold streak.

"We got Tomanek for you," Rectenwald said with a grin.

"That's awesome!" It was clear the wheels were already starting to turn in Labrie, Jr.'s mind. "So, how are we going to make room for him on the roster?" Nashville had already activated Hyun-sik Chang from his rehab assignment and the roster didn't have any obvious places to subtract from at the moment.

"I have a couple of ideas," said Rectenwald. "You still want to keep (Kidanu) Cherono?" The veteran was claimed off waivers a few sims ago, and after a strong start has gone through a rough stretch of late.

"Yeah, not ready to give up on him yet," Labrie, Jr. said. "And I want to see what Chang can do out of the pen, too."

"That leaves just two options, then," explained Rectenwald. "We can send Stephen Lord back to the minors for now, or we can put Sam Wade on the IL to let him rest his knee for the week. Either way that gives you a week to sort out the pitching."

Labrie, Jr. was silent, lost in thought for a couple of minutes. Finally he spoke. "Let's give Sam a rest. Lord has been far too hot to send him down right now. I can get by with a short bench this week."

"Consider it done," said Rectenwald. "Now I gotta get back with Grant and talk about this kid second baseman he got thrown into the deal."

Rectenwald walked back to the main office where Hardin was waiting for him.

"So tell me about this Mitchell kid?" Rectenwald inquired.

"He's a sleeper prospect," Hardin began. "18 years old out of Canada. High contact and gap talents, with elite ability to avoid strikeouts but no power and barely passable eye skills. He's an ok defender at second base. Might be passable at third base as well. Can play a little left field in a pinch. The kid is fast as hell, but not great instincts on the bases. Intangibles are off the charts. I think he's a player."

"That does sound intriguing, Grant," Rectenwald replied. "Sad to lose Piga in particular. Colon was expendable with Ata here, of course. All in all a great trade."

"Where do you think Danny is going to use Miroslav?" Hardin awaited the reply.

Rectenwald paused, mentally re-arranging the bullpen roles in his head. "45 in 2040, 42 in 2039," he said, cryptically.

"What does that mean?," asked Hardin.

"His save totals, guy. I think we might have a potential closer here," stated Rectenwald.

Hardin nodded. "I agree. It's starting to come together. Certainly things aren't as easy as when we had Huber, Garcia and Balun, but I think we're doing alright."

With an emphatic high five, Rectenwald exclaimed "DAMN RIGHT WE ARE! GO BLUEBIRDS!"
Matt Rectenwald
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Re: A Flock of Bluebirds 2041.14- Bluebirds Acquire Tomanek

Post by RonCo » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:29 pm

Nice pick up
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Re: A Flock of Bluebirds 2041.14- Bluebirds Acquire Tomanek

Post by bschr682 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:39 pm


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Re: A Flock of Bluebirds 2041.14- Bluebirds Acquire Tomanek

Post by usnspecialist » Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:11 am

tomanek returns home to Nashville and i shed some salary.
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