Trail Droppings 2037-9 Spring Training Battles - Bullpen

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Trail Droppings 2037-9 Spring Training Battles - Bullpen

Post by indiansfan » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:06 pm

Spring Training Battles - Bullpen

The Pioneers are going to have to put some good players on waivers, return their Rule 5 players or both. The team has 6 or 7 spots available. There are 13 guys on this list.

Raul Sanchez (7/6/7 Talents) - One of the losers in the rotation battle, Sanchez would be nice to have as a long reliever and emergency starter. With an all righty rotation it would also be good to keep a couple of lefties like Sanchez around.

Juan Perez (9/6/6 Talents) - The team really likes him in the bullpen and almost converted him. He can still spot start if needed, but where does the team find a spot on the 27?

Jesus Arce (9/7/8 Talents) - After years as a setup man, Arce will finally move into the closer’s role. The team has him under a cheap contract for a closer for the next 4 years.

Paul Farrell (10/6/7 Talents) - The veteran made the change to a reliever a couple of years back and has been a solid piece of the Pioneers pen. He will pitch in a setup role again this year.

Thomas Crane (10/6/5 Talents) - He was outstanding after coming over from Jacksonville last season. He has options, but like Perez he probably would refuse a demotion. The team may try to get him to go to AAA, just so they can hold on to one of the others.

Jason Morris (8/6/9 Talents) - The team’s long time closer is fighting for a position this year. In the final year of his contract and unlikely to be resigned, it is possible this could be the end of the road for him. It would be a blow to the team and the fans to lose him, but if it comes down to him or a younger guy?

Juan Sanchez (10/7/4 Talents) - This off season he converted to becoming a reliever after pitching last season in the rotation. Knowing there would not be a spot for him there this year, he did what was best for him and the team. He had a great Spring and should be a lock on a spot in the pen.

James Braddock (10/6/6 Talents) - The lefty killer just got an extension and he was great in his role last season. He also has a lock.

Ok if you are keeping track that is 8 guys and the team has room for at most 6. If nobody takes a demotion, 2 of these guys are gone.

Curro Madrid (8/6/6 Talents) - He was supplanted by Braddock as the #1 lefty in the pen. That could mark his demise. The team likes the idea of keeping 2, but it is running out of spots. Management was hoping to deal him, but so far no interest.

Stan Brooks (8/6/8 Talents) - This guy always comes close to making the team and has had a few call ups. He can start and relieve, but now he is out of options and probably chances in Calgary. Another guy that should have generated more trade interest.

Carlos Lujan (10/6/4 Talents) - The best reliever in camp and he is almost certain to get sent down. He pitched more innings (16.2) than any other member of the bullpen and posted a 1.08 ERA and .84 WHIP. St. Paul here he comes, again.

Leon Seyh (7/6/7 Talents) - This Rule 5 pickup is a guy the team has liked for a long time. A lefty that could serve the same role as Sanchez, the team should keep him over the veteran. However, management really likes Sanchez.

Assi Leabua (10/6/5 Talents) - This guy could stick in the big leagues. He probably is going back though, because there just isn’t any room

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