(2048.03) They Have Eyes, Part I

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(2048.03) They Have Eyes, Part I

Post by woods » Sun Sep 12, 2021 7:53 am

Image “…And we need to stop stealing! We’re getting negative value from all of our failed steal attempts. From now on, I don’t want you giving the green light to anyone outside of Sato and Huntley.”

“Not even Félix?”

“The league thinks Félix can run. Let them go on thinking that. But no, his ass stays planted on the base along with everyone else.”

It was a tense meeting between Spuds’ GM Woody Donahue and manager Joey Gordon. The team was off to another poor start to the season, so Donahue called an impromptu meeting to discuss how to right the ship.

It was a beautiful spring day in Boise, and they were sitting in the front row of the owner’s box at F. Nephi Grigg Memorial Stadium, a place that made for a lovely backdrop. The view of the field was impeccable, almost to spite the tone of the conversation. The grounds crew were working on a spot in the outfield, and the team’s cheerleading squad, the Tater Thots, were having practice along the third base line. But otherwise, Gordon and Donahue’s seats were the only two that were occupied out of the 42,500 in the park.

“And about your bullpen usage,” Donahue continued. “What were you thinking in Edmonton last week, letting Woodger continue in the eighth inning of a tie game?”

“It was Medina coming up, Woodge has been pretty decent against righties…”

“What part of ‘avoid high leverage’ do you not understand?” Donahue’s voice echoed through the empty ballpark as his tone grew louder. “Tie game, eighth inning isn’t ‘high leverage’ to you? Honestly, you wouldn’t know leverage if it bit you in the ass. I’m surprised you were able to negotiate your $400K salary.”

Gordon didn’t say anything for several minutes. He had seen Donahue like this before, and he understood that sometimes the boss just needed to blow off some steam.

“Look,” Gordon began slowly. “El Paso’s coming into town this week. I know they got off to a hot start, but they’re still the same team that lost 125 games. Playing them will be a good relief for a few days.”

“They destroyed us last series,” Donahue exclaimed. “They’re not relief anymore. We’re the relief for the rest of the league!”

Gordon pressed on. “Yamashita’s back too. His foot’s healed, and he’s been getting around pretty well. Stole three bases last week on his rehab assignment.”

“Oh, he’s the last guy I want running. We don’t need him taking an awkward slide and landing on the Injured List again,” Donahue said. “That reminds me, did we remember to bubble-wrap his locker?”

Gordon sighed. The truth was, he didn’t have much hope for the team either. His main motivation was his own contract, which was set to expire after the season, and he was praying enough went right for the team to parlay into a nice extension. But based on Donahue’s demeanor, he decided that now wasn’t the best time to bring up his contract.

Donahue quietly surveyed the ballpark. He enjoyed watching the Tater Thots, because honestly, he thought they were pretty good dancers. Sure, some people said that having a cheerleading squad was old-fashioned and sexist in its objectification of women, but it wasn’t that bad — they were dressed as potatoes for crying out loud, how objectifying could that be? Anyway, the fans loved them, and he needed to keep the fans coming to the park, so the Tater Thots were there to stay.

He noticed a dark-haired woman in the middle of the group who, even though she was performing some elaborate cheerleading moves, had her gaze fixated on him in the stands. Curious.

“Just make sure Yamashita makes it through the week without getting hurt,” Donahue instructed Gordon. “And bring the damn stealing down. I have to go get ready for the draft.” With that, he stood up and exited the box to head back to his office.

The dark-haired woman watched him until he disappeared into the concourse. A smile appeared from the corner of her mouth, and she resumed her routine. She knew someone who would be very interested in the conversation she just overheard.
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Re: A-peeling Tales (2048.03): They Have Eyes, Part I

Post by scottsdale_joe » Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:49 am

The eye of the spud club peels back some skinny.
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Re: (2048.03) They Have Eyes, Part I

Post by 7teen » Thu Sep 16, 2021 2:06 pm

Trade me Felix and cover his salary and I'll make sure he never steals again!
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