2038.20 Aviators have conservative Ammy draft

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2038.20 Aviators have conservative Ammy draft

Post by felipe » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:16 pm

While BBA League prognosticator's declared the 2038 Amateur draft a generational draft, Wichita Genius, GM Hopkins played it safe, and selected players that were very already mostly developed, eschewing the players with great potential(s) but little current ability.

So if most of these high potential, low current guys fully develop, in a few years, Wichita will be left far behind in the second division of the BBA. If they all flame out, at least Wichita got some big league contributors in the 2038 draft.

The first round set the draft's tone for the Wichita organisation; The Genius was torn between three players at the draft's tenth selection; undeveloped seventeen year old Japanese left-hander pitching sensation Tokimasa Ihara, (who went twelfth to Calgary); Nineteen year old outfielder William Drew, who is capable of playing above average baseball in the BBA Right Now, (who went 40th, 1st in the second round to Charm City); and their eventual pick, nineteen year old shortstop, Canadian Jim Gouzzie, who can play average ball in the BBA today, but who may be a generational player with a minimum of development. The high floor teamed with the high ceiling made Gouzzie the eventual pick for the Aviators.

In the second round, the Aviators selected nineteen year old Juan Hernandez, who is nominally a left fielder but has the current defensive chops to excel any where in the field other than at shortstop and catcher. Hernandez could be a slightly below average BBA player today, but projects as an above average player in the future. His high floor and decent ceiling made him an easy pick.

The third round saw the Aviators select twenty year old Jason Bowen. Bowen is termed a first baseman but has the defensive skills to play a decent catcher. Bowen is arguably at replacement level already with his bat, but a tiny bit of development at the dish will see him as a valuable BBA guy, especially if he turns his defensive catcher ratings into a plus.

The fourth round saw the Aviators play position snatching again, as they grabbed twenty year old nominal first baseman Clive Timberlakef, with plans to convert him into a second baseman. Timberlake is like the others in that he is likely already replacement level at the plate, and just needs some defensive innings to excel as a BBA player.

After the fourth round, the Aviators descended into the high potential, low floor area of the draft. Grabbing guys that may make it...or may not

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