2037-06: Talons Drinkposting Vol 1

GM: Sean Marko

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2037-06: Talons Drinkposting Vol 1

Post by jiminyhopkins » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:15 am

Phoenix, AZ--

**Disclaimer: This post was penned by Talons Gm Sean V. Marko after a number of inebriating beverages. The Talons BaseBall Club LLC does not take any reponsibiloty for its contents**

I like the Talons. I have run a baseball franchise by the name of Phoenix Talons since the year 1996 in real life, when I was at College inWisconsin. Iwas on an ESPN chatroom when someone said "Anyone want to join an internet baesball league?". His name was "Commish,". I said sure, why not. Then, I wass given control of a baseball team called Phoenix Talons. The year was 1996 and I was 18 years ols. The sim was FPS BBPro98 and the league was called the NACBA.

That was 22 real life actual years ago. Later the league was called the GBC. Then, as the gBC was still going on, Matt made a league with somethin called OOTP. I didn't know what it wasa but I was skeptical. I loved BBPro98 and I actually rejected ghis requast to join his OOTP league. I thought that the GBC (the NACBA's eventual title) was the best league and I didn't want to change.

Eventually I won the GBC cchampionship in League year 2023 and to this day it remains the only champoonship I have won. Later, I eventually joined Recte's OOTP league with the Washington Bobwhites. But I grew tres of buying the OOTP program every couple seasons and I quit.

I regretted the decision. TYhen, Matt messaged me and said there was a part of his league called the EBA or European Baseball ASsociation. I jumped at the chance and was head of the Munchen Brauers, who developed some of the stars we see today such as Chris Limon, Mark Wareham, and Tu-fu Yong. We had a great team. But then Matt decided to expand the MBBA and I got my beloved Talons back. I am very thankful to be a part of the Phoenix Talons again and it is an honor to be in a Recte league once more.

I thik that getting Laloosh this year may be the thing that pushes us over the top. We have a very good team that is full of players like Bartolo Ortiz, Mario Deortezm, and Voitto and LaLoosh, Maybe we can do better this year, Mayne not. But I want to take this time to thaks Matt rectenwald and all the work he puts in to making this fake baseball league one of the few things that gives me joy in this life. I truly appreciate all the work you do, and have always done, to make this experience worthwhile to all of the people who take part in your creation. Thank you Mattm I wish you all the best and I hope every one of you reading this that you take as muchg joy in this league as I do.

I am sorry for my tone, I really have had a bit to drink. My day job is hard and stressfull and I appreciate that this community is there to give me some repreive from the stresses of daily life. This league means so mucxh to me.

I love this league and I lpve the Talons. Thjank you all for everything. Now maybe LaLoosh and everyoje elese can win me another championship.

Have a nice day...

Posting without editing, at 2 am on a Momday Morning,

Sean V. Marko
Current GM, Phoenix Talons (2029-??), BBA
FORMER GM, Munchen Brauers (2024-28), EBA
FORMER GM, Washington Bobwhites (1999-2010), MBBA
Owner, Phoenix/Traverse City Talons (1995-2036), Global Baseball Consortium

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Re: 2037-06: Talons Drinkposting Vol 1

Post by Ted » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:35 am

Cheers, Marko.
Ted Schmidt
California Crusaders (2021-present)

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Re: 2037-06: Talons Drinkposting Vol 1

Post by recte44 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:42 am

Matt Rectenwald
Commissioner, GM: Las Vegas Hustlers

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Re: 2037-06: Talons Drinkposting Vol 1

Post by felipe » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:57 am

Man...that’s messed up

I can’t imagine anyone being happy to run the Phoenix franchise...

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