Warehouse Wire 2043.05: Legends Night

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Warehouse Wire 2043.05: Legends Night

Post by bcslouck » Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:59 am

2043 marks the teams 15th season in the BBA. Not many players have been around long enough to leave marks on the franchises history. August 12th will mark the first time the team honors past players by inducting two players, the first two, into the Charm City Hall of Fame.

The two greatest hitters in team history: Carlton Winson and Alfredo Salazar

Ironically, both players are tied for the teams All-Time OPS mark, both with a career 0.928 OPS while in Charm City. Both players had power and could get on base. Winson had some more power while Salazar was better at getting on base.

Winson, who's number was retired last offseason, was acquired in a trade with Phoenix back in 2033. Arguably the best player in the game at the time, Winson won the Silk in 2033 and 2034. Winson is all over the Charm City single season and all-time leaderboards. Top SLG in single season (0.658) and all-time (0.555), single season OPS (1.061; first player in team history over 1.000) and as stated above, tied with Salazar for all-time OPS. single season WAR (9.7) and all-time (37.9), single season (128) and all-time (708) runs, all-time total bases (2102), and of course, home runs (64 single season; 346 all-time). Winson holds the top 4 spots for single season HR's. He also leads or is top 5 in many other categories. He also suited for the Jimmies more than any other player, 1121. The organization is hoping to get enough votes from the league to get him into the BBA Hall of Fame as a Jimmie. He received 58.1% of the vote his first time on the ballot.

"It was an honor to have my number retired here," said Winson. "I love it here and loved playing for the fans here. Teammates like Alfredo also made my team here great. Things didn't end here how I would of wanted. And one of my biggest regrets will always be not winning a Landis. I wish we could of brought the city one. We had a great team when I got here and love all of those guys. They're my brothers for life."

Salazar is already in the BBA Hall of Fame as a Madison Wolve, gaining 93.5% of the vote. Despite going in as a Wolve, Salazar had a very good career in Charm City. His signing back in 2030 was a calculated move by the organization to signal to the league that the team was ready to be taken serious despite only heading into it's 2nd season. They made the playoffs for the first time in 2031 and the teams first and only Landis appearance in 2032 on the back of Salazar's bat. He is all over the Charm City leaderboards just like Winson. Salazar is the single season and all-time OBP (0.431 and 0.407) leader. He's the only player to have a career OBP over 0.400. His all-time WAR is 2nd to Winson at 30.1. They are the only 2 players over 30 WAR. He also has the most SB's in team history with 247.

"Man, I just got inducted into the Madison HOF and I know what I said about getting inducted there but this one is special," said Salazar. "To get inducted with a player like Winson, who should be in the BBA Hall by the way, as the first two guys to be honored by this franchise is really great. It was scary for me to come to such a young team but I knew we could do special things and we did. And I really appreciate the love and them having me be apart of this organization for the rest of my life."

Statues of both players will be unveiled in the Legends Park, just beyond left center field. Plagues will also be hung in a newly designated Charm City Hall Fame on the warehouse just behind the right field flag court. These two players left a lasting legacy on the franchise that will be remembered forever.
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