44.2 Checking the Locks: Catcher

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44.2 Checking the Locks: Catcher

Post by crobillard » Wed Sep 02, 2020 1:25 pm

Checking the locks returns! There are some really interesting decisions that I need to make this season. Let's jump in.

This is a series where I will evaluate the options in each position leading into Spring Training. This is the first of eleven parts. I will be taking a look into the catcher position in this post.

Sure fire locks: Rainer Scheffer, David Katzenbogen
Trying to get in the door: Juan Colon

Scheffer saw extended time in the Jackrabbits uniform last season and manager Juan Carlos Gonzales wasn't turned off by his fragile injury status. The former Montreal catcher played full time for Edmonton when he was healthy and nothing seems to be changing this season. You have to think that his performance was a huge let down as his .254/.294/.419 batting line probably wasn't what Edmonton thought they acquired in the 8/7/5/6/7 rated catcher. His defense rated a 5 is a high concern as well, but three errors, four passed balls and a 31.2% caught stealing mark puts him around league average. Not bad.

Of course if Scheffer goes down again, Jackrabbits will lean on the leagues favorite insignificant player, David Katzenbogen. The 14 rated defensive catcher has never fallen into favor enough to earn the starting job, but in part time work Katzenbogen has been remarkably consistent, even if no one really expects him to do anything at the plate. However, last season saw him amass the highest WAR total in his career at +0.4 in 180 at bats. His appearance is always felt in game and nothing changed last season as he threw out a remarkable 43.6% of runners. This is the last year on his contract so many 'Rabbits fans are wondering if this is Bazooka's last season with the team. It's well known that many teams have been looking for an excuse to start Katzenbogen over the years. Is it possible that these pleas have finally reached Katzenbogen's ears?

His replacement almost certainly would be Colon. He wouldn't be a terrible option in a worst case scenario. He's an 8 rated catcher that can hit a little bit with 5/7/4/6/5 ratings. He was a third round pick in 2041, but if he starts too many games for the Jackrabbits at any point in his career, it's probably spells doom for the team.

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Re: 44.2 Checking the Locks: Catcher

Post by jleddy » Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:32 pm

Would you say Colon is trying to get in the back door?
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Re: 44.2 Checking the Locks: Catcher

Post by RonCo » Mon Sep 07, 2020 12:38 am

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Re: 44.2 Checking the Locks: Catcher

Post by FuzzyRawley » Wed Sep 30, 2020 6:35 pm

Most of us don't need to advertise that we have Juan Colon. Now if you had Dos Colons, that would be something to brag about.
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