43.15 Checking the Locks: Final Results

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43.15 Checking the Locks: Final Results

Post by crobillard » Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:52 am

This is a series where I will evaluate the options in each position leading into Spring Training. This is the last part of the series. I will be providing some results for the locks I chose, how it compares to 2040 and I will update it with a later post with which players make the active roster for Opening Day.

Sure fire locks:
Rainer Scheffer
David Katzenbogen
Carlomaria Donadoni
Yi-ke Hsaio
Hakim Ngowa
Steven Collins III
Pepe Espinosa
Jose Salas
Wilson Villanuela
Rocky Allen
Pedro Huerta
Jubal Troop
Chandler Hall
Jorge Huerta
Ignacio Castaneda
Jose Torres
Luis Ortega
Ryosei Akiyama
Alexandre Renard

Near lock:
Dermott Halford
Rodrigo Gallegos
Ryosei Akahori
Fedaku Bbosa
Vicente Lopez
Vicente Ventura
Juan Guerrero

Trying to get in the door:
Leon Romo
Juan Colon
Miguel Deleon
Joey Nethersole
Miguel Pacheco
Sam Cop
Lorenzo Leon
Bill Morley
Freddy Ayala
Jim Loudenslager
Amos Swallows
Itze Woertgen
Martin Villa
Hideaki Shibutani
Edgardo Torres
Jorge Limon
Freddy Diaz
Albert Love

This is one of the larger Spring Training classes that I can remember. We have 19 sure fire locks, up by one from last year. After our pitching performed well last season, the pressure is still on all of these guys with Swallows and Woertgen waiting for their turn. Love is also threatening to push for a spot on the team. It helps that they all had pretty good springs. Swallows limited batters to a .179 batting avg in 24 innings. Woertgen only ended up making a couple of appearances, but he only allowed one run in eight innings. Love continued to make things difficult with a 3.14 ERA in 14.1 innings. So, if you put a lot of emphasis on spring performance, this means a lot to you. These guys are ready or almost ready.

The seven near locks plus the two additional roster spots from the Lopez and Ortega injuries leave us with 24 sure fire or near locks that will likely make the team for opening day and three additional players in the trying to get in the door section that will make the team. Not including Lopez and Ortega, here's where we stand:

Catcher - 2
Infield - 5
Outfield - 4
Rotation - 6
Bullpen - 8

Now, the picture is more clear. From last year we are down one infield and one outfield sure fire or near lock, so we need to fill those spots for sure. Deleon, Nethersole, Morley, Cop and Ayala are probably the most likely ones to call up, but all of them have much different skill sets. We still have that large pitching staff that I went into last season with, so limiting the starters and turning to the bullpen early might be on the menu again this season, but that will only stay that way for as long as they perform well.

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