42.22 The City of Red Deer pt. 2 - Warring Factions After Defeat

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42.22 The City of Red Deer pt. 2 - Warring Factions After Defeat

Post by crobillard » Sat May 23, 2020 4:20 pm

Last year at this time Red Deer was one of the most contentious places in all of North America as the Calgary Pioneers were taking on the Edmonton Jackrabbits. Red Deer's from 10,000 feet in the sky almost looks like a location with flamboyant gang territorial issues as one side of the city is almost entirely encases in Jackrabbit's yellow and blue and the south side in Pioneer's red. However, right now the south side of Red Deer is barren and some residents have taken it upon themselves to shove salt in the wound of Pioneer's fans by erecting a massive banner with former Calgary prospect Pepe Espinosa displayed prominently on it, though many fans claim they are just honoring the rookie second baseman who is unable to play in the postseason after suffering a torn back muscle in early September.

Red Deer native Jeff LeBlanc said, "Before the expansion, Calgary was coming of many seasons of playoff appearances. I decided to cheer on Edmonton because I wanted a new start. We suffered such brutal times for eight seasons before this team finally got their act together. We finally have something to cheer for and we're going to do it proudly."

Traditionally, the other side of the city takes the decorations down at the end of their season allowing the other team to be more prominently displayed in the city, but this season Calgary fans just left and the south side of the city looks like a post-apocalyptic time capsule of a happier time, but no one is around to celebrate. The mayor of Red Deer Amelie Caron ordered the decorations to be taken down. Law enforcement has a heavy presence to make sure the removal doesn't get out of hand. "We want a peaceful tear down of the decorations in the south. Any residents in the area are encouraged to participate and there will be no violence during the removal." assured Caron.

We are less than three hours from the first pitch in Edmonton in the Cartwright series against Brooklyn and there is an eerie silence over the city. You would think that there would be more people outside rushing to get errands done. Even the volunteers who are helping taking the south side decorations down are incredible quiet while they are doing it. It's almost as if fans feel like talking about the series will somehow hurt the Jackrabbits chances of advancing to their third Landis series in five seasons. Needless to say, fans are nervous. Teams like Brooklyn seem to advance every season. Edmonton fans would know best. Brooklyn looks like a previous Edmonton team and last year's postseason monster Fernando Cruz, who hit nine homeruns in the 2041 playoffs is wearing a Brooklyn uniform, that certainly make Jackrabbit fan's uneasy.

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Re: 42.22 The City of Red Deer pt. 2 - Warring Factions After Defeat

Post by ae37jr » Sat May 23, 2020 4:48 pm

Cruz is such a beast in the playoffs. Mexico City is geared toward getting rhb out, so I stacked my lineup with lefties. Cruz only ended up playing one game and what did he do? Grand slam in the 9th to prevent us from going down 0-3. Gonna need him to come big to stand a chance thia series.
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