Sin City Times 2040.10

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Sin City Times 2040.10

Post by bschr682 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 8:12 pm

GM: "Good evening folks. Its all hustle and bustle before the playoffs start but I wanted to carve some time out for you as a sort of regular season recap. I won't bore you with any statements. Lets just get right to questions?"

Goldie: "Questions?! How about where have you been for the last few months?! We haven't had any official team press since just before the All-Star break. Seems rather unprofessional don't you think?"

GM: "I get it. That's a fair question but its far from unprofessional. My job is to be the general manager of the team. Yes that does include some press responsibilities but ultimately the team operations themselves have to come first. I've been extremely busy. You saw how that trade deadline went right? I basically had my phone welded to my ear. Cut me some slack guys."

Soik: "First of all we aren't all guys but yes lets move on. Without going into excruciating detail, a lot of moves were made that sent significant salary out the door before the deadline but immediately after you pretty much burned up all that space by acquiring Jaime Mercado and extending a single player. What's the theory on giving Dalrymple all that money instead of staying flexible?"

GM: "Excellent question Lindsey. Mercado might not be the flashiest starting pitcher out there but he is very solid and he is veteran lefty. He will eat a ton of innings for us over the next few years saving our pen for other games and provide a lot of guidance to the youngsters we have coming. Also i'm sure you are acutely aware that signing free agents gets expensive ridiculously fast. Dalrymple is good both defensively and with the bat and also he has a few years before he hits age 30. Looking at the totality of our moves, I think you'll notice that we now have every position of importance covered not just for this year but for several seasons. So we weren't going to be active in free agency anyway unless we let Dalrymple go in which case he would have been our one and only target. Do I think we ultimately overspent a bit? I'll be honest yes. But Mitch is a great guy, he will do great things as the face of the franchise and im pretty comfortable with that level of commitment to him in particular."

Jenkins: "Leeeeerrrroooooyyyy JJJJeeeeennnnnkkkkinnnnnssssss!!!"

GM: "Well im gonna go ahead and guess that you want to discuss the Italian. He's great. Its unfortunate that he ultimately seems destined to be a DH without homerun power which is a rather unpopular thing in the game of baseball. While others are zigging, I'm gonna zag. At DH he can start all 162 with a much lower chance of injury. He can fill in at LF when the need arises but if we stick to our guns about the DH thing, L'Archibudelli has a legit shot at breaking and setting some ridiculous records. Hell he already has the single greatest hit streak in the history of our great league and he is a rookie! He is going to win a quite a few batting titles barring injury and I think the fans will really love him. Call me crazy for pronouncing a rookie as one of the greatest Hustler players ever considering how great and storied this franchise is, but he really might do it."

Goldie: "What about the other rookies? I have heard some weird rumors about Phil Logan and yourself."

GM: "Oh my son Phil. Yea I legally adopted him. He is adorable isn't he? Pretty nice little player too. I love that kid. And don't sleep on Whanon. The sky is the limit for that kid. Speaking of which I have a flight to Brazil to catch. I'll catch you guys at the end of the season."
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