Trail Droppings 2043-15 ST Decisions - Final Cuts

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Trail Droppings 2043-15 ST Decisions - Final Cuts

Post by indiansfan » Tue Jun 16, 2020 2:21 pm

ST Decisions - Final Cuts

The final cuts are always the most difficult and this year was no exception for Calgary. Some of these may be surprises and some of these players had greatSprings, but it comes down to which players fit certain roles when you get to the bottom of the roster. A couple of these guys still have skills to work on while others are just blocked.

Pitching Cuts

Dwight Owens - The lefty reliever will go back to AAA again this year, which may come as a surprise given the injuries the team had this Spring. Owens had a good camp, pitching in 5 games and going 1-0, 1.00 ERA. The team is making a strategic decision to hold Owens in AAA and see if he can be turned into a starter. However, this could change depending on how the bullpen in Calgary holds up.

Chris Thomas - Thomas was given a shot at the starting rotation, but his poor showing in Spring Training has relegated him to AAA St. Paul. His contract requires him to be called up within 30 days or be released, so the team will have to decide soon on his future.

Infielder Cuts

Pierre Lemaire - After a decent camp, Lemaire is being sent down to learn how to field more positions. He is one of several players the team has that they are turning into super utility players. With his lefty bat and speed, expect the team to find a spot for him in Calgary next season.

David Godwin - When the team decided to keep Scott Bell at 3B, Godwin was destined for another year in Saint Paul. He may get some more work at 2B, but his future would be as part of a 3B platoon. Injuries could open an opportunity for him this year.

Hector Ojeda - He hit .333 with 3 HR and 10 RBIs this Spring, but still got sent to AAA. The team decided to keep Mahdi Kojo instead as the right hand DH, because he was out of options. Ojeda will get some work at 1B to make him more versatile.

Outfielder Cuts

Robinson Trujillo - He has been with the BBA club the past 2 seasons, so this one comes as a surprise. The team decided that instead of riding the bench in Calgary, he should go to Saint Paul where he can get more at bats. The team is also trying to turn him into a super sub and this gives him the opportunity to work on the corner outfield positions and first base. A weak camp also didn’t help his case.

Arturo Mendoza - The AAA player of the year has nothing more to prove in the minors, but he is blocked. There is no place for him to play in Calgary so he has been floated in trade talks instead. If there is an injury with the big league club, Medoza will get his chance.

Tim Battle - He has a big league bat, but not a big league glove. He hit 3 HR this Spring, but the big league team already has 2 DH types and so like Mendoza he is blocked. If those above him struggle, he is ready to fill their spot.

******Note - With the injury to Kojo, Ojeda is getting called up and will get a chance to prove himself at least for 1 sim.

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