Edgardo Diaz/Andre Ly, Orlando Ordonez showing what Omaha may look like in the future(40.16)

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Edgardo Diaz/Andre Ly, Orlando Ordonez showing what Omaha may look like in the future(40.16)

Post by niles08 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:29 am

Omaha is well in the playoff hunt this season, but after missing the playoffs the past 2 seasons, Hawk Nation looks to have a few players to be excited about who are currently already playing on the BBA roster.

Edgardo Diaz has been fantastic since being called up just 41 games ago. In those 41 games, Diaz has slashed .287/.341/.713 with 19 home runs in 41 games! That slugging percentage is higher than the current team leader Emilio Morales who has a slugging percentage of .637. While there has been a few growing pains defensively, the work around the club is that Diaz is locked in as the first baseman of the future for the Hawks. He was the clubs first round pick in the 2036 draft, taken 19th overall. He had spent his time in AAA Lincoln prior to being called up, where he mashed 34 home runs in 99 games. His 153 OPS+ and 155 WRC+ were among the top in AAA, however have risen to 161+ and 157+ in the BBA.

The #40 ranked prospect in the BBA was called to duty early in the season, having already appeared in 111 games this year. That wasn’t the original plan but with Gustavo Herrera struggling in right field, Omaha felt a fix had to come fast and that fix was Andre Ly being called up from AAA. Ly has struggled a bit at the plate but picked it up defensively in right field. The 20 year old is projected to be one of the elite players in the league once developed fully to his potential.

Joining Ly in the outfield is Orlando Ordonez. Hawks fans have waited patiently ever since hearing news of Ordonez signing with the club in January of 2036 with a signing bonus of nearly 7.5 million dollars. Ordonez slowly made his way through the farm system, garnering top #2 prospect publicity along the way. Also, only 20 years old, Ordonez actually spent the entire 2039 season in Omaha as well so he has a years’ experience on Ly. Ordonez has been much better at the plate this season with a WRC+ of 117 compared to just 75 last season. Much of that is due to an uptick in long balls as Ordonez could potentially double his output of 22 home runs in 2039, and reach 44 this year. His RBI total will surely double as Ordonez already has 91 on the season. Maybe most important for Ordonez is his strikeouts dropping from 171 in 2039 to just 124 this year with nearly identical at bats.

At some point, Omaha’s outfield is going to be a bit crowded as 2039 first round pick Bret Powers is a right fielder by trade and is on pace to crack the BBA level by potentially late 2041. He is currently 20 years old. Bobby Parker, who is 21 years old likely could be used as a utility bat as his skill against right handed pitchers shouldn’t be wasted.

None of those names include Jimmy Starks Jr, who is having a down year in the outfield, but is signed through potentially the 2044 season. This year he has an OPS+ of just 86, despite a career average of 119 and a 140 put up in 2039. Jimmy Starks is one of the only holdovers remaining on the team from when they were headquartered in Indianapolis. Starks, Emilio Morales, and Jose Canales are the only remaining members of that group.

Also not named is Justin Jackson, who the club acquired at the trade deadline and is signed through the 2041 season. Jackson is likely limited to left field with a glove, but is more likely to slot into the designated hitter role currently held onto Martin Marin.

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Re: Edgardo Diaz/Andre Ly, Orlando Ordonez showing what Omaha may look like in the future(40.16)

Post by shoeless.db » Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:02 pm

I wish I was blue-colorblind so I wouldn't have seen these guys' ratings when I clicked the links. Damn.
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Re: Edgardo Diaz/Andre Ly, Orlando Ordonez showing what Omaha may look like in the future(40.16)

Post by RonCo » Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:25 am

The wave of late '30s talent is on full tilt arrival. The Heartland is already tough. Soon it's going to be a bear.
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