Owner Rips GM 40.4

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Owner Rips GM 40.4

Post by handaspencer » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:48 pm

Word begin to leak out of Montreal that Owner John Percolo ripped 3rd year GM Kevin Spencer during a recent mid season review of the organization. According to sources the owner told Spencer if things don't start picking up he will be making changes to the front office. Percolo is tired of being the laughingstock of the BBA in what used to be a prized organization within the BBA. Spencer has compiled a winning percentage of .409 in his tenure which is laughable. Attendance with GM Spencer guiding the ship is the worst in the history of the organization although it's starting to climb some for this season. GM Spencer has maintained a profit each year but the margins have been razor thin. Having slim margins and failing to win games is almost a guarantee to get yourself fired.

He was happy with some of the prospects Spencer found especially Eduardo Gonzalez who Percolo thinks can be a superstar in this league. When hired Spencer told everyone I want to build this organization from the bottom up and I would need 4-5 seasons minimum. A recent article released showed the progress the organization has made in the minor league level under Spencer Farm Rankings. Montreal will have more FA money next season than any organization in the BBA combined with some talented prospects close to being ready. It was believed that Spencer pleaded with ownership to recognize the work that has been accomplished and tried to convince them to recognize the future is brighter than when he started.

One could argue that things have certainty improved organizationally but defending a winning percentage of .409 is a tough sell. Could GM Spencer have just set up the next GM with a clean slate to start winning games? Or will the owner recognize the bright future and give him another year? It is expected they will meet again at the conclusion of the season to discuss his future with the Blazers and Spencer can make his case for a 4th season.

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