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Post by bschr682 » Thu Sep 15, 2022 8:21 pm

GM: " Well that was weird and bad and it sucked. 2-5. Lost the final game of the Twin Cities series ok fine. Then get swept by Seattle in a 4 game set? Are you kidding me?! Bounced back a bit to take the first 2 games of our current series with Valencia but still. I just can't get over that sweep. That really hurt. I'd rather not but any questions? "

Charron: " Still hitting homers and Manny Toledo looked ok. Worse things have happened to the team before. It'll be fine. "

GM: " I know Guy. Its not like we were going to continue on that torrid pace but still. A sweep? Now to be fair, 3 of those losses were by 1 run and 2 of them happened in extra innings. Those things tend to balance out over the course of the year but again ickers. Just not cool. Oh and yea Toledo does look good. He's part of a plan to inject some OBP into the team without messing too much with the excellent power vibe we have going on. Its been in the works for awhile. Maybe some of the clowns they have working at the league offices that pumped out this years media guide should have looked at the minor league rosters before assuming we didn't know we had an issue there. But on the plus side I hear its galvanized the clubhouse pretty well. HGH in particular is pretty fired up about it. Not that he has done anything about his issues but thats neither here nor there. "

Renfork: " The pitching continues to be pretty stellar and there were no major injuries. If its just a blip, its a minor one and we can forget about it. "

GM: " I agree Niles. Its just one of those things thats hard to wrap your head around. We sweep Sacramento but get swept by Seattle. Does that mean Seattle is better than both of us? What kind of bizzaro world are we living in these days? "

Sullivan: " I highly doubt the transitive property applies to baseball but I guess if it does you'll get your evidence next week. Seattle and Sacramento play each other. "

GM: " Excellent point Ms. Sullivan. I guess we will see how that shakes out. Now if you'll excuse me I have to try to convince Ivan Gulledge to not opt out of his minor league deal and then its back to scouting the draft. "
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