The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 6

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The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 6

Post by StormZ_23 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:54 pm

Welcome back! We got a few little things we would like to talk about today as the trade deadline looms closer with many rumors on who could be traded. Let's start with some guys that Vancouver could trade. Obviously players like Rashardo Menne III and José Zamora are having great seasons but are most likely off the table completely, which makes a lot of sense as these guys should be core players to build around as this rebuild comes to a close, hopefully at the end of next season. Then we got a guy like Hotha Popo who should be traded but we haven't heard too many rumors about. He is currently having his best season of his career with a line of .280/.397/.357 while having 62 walks with only 49 strikeouts. He may not hit for power but he does get on base frequently and has an above average glove as well, as many have already known about throughout his career. So why has not been rumored for a trade? One reason is because he is in a contract year and may be demanding a sizable amount in free agency, so a team may not want to give up prized prospects for half a season of play. This is a solid reason to why he hasn't been traded, despite their being reports that his name has been discussed with other teams. We can't expect the price to be too high now so let's just to see if he will be traded.

Once part of trade rumors earlier in the season, Ki-seop Park just signed an extension with the Mounties to stay for at least the next 3 seasons with a 4th season as a team option. The contract looks like this: 5.0m/5.5m/6.0m/6.0m (1.2m buyout). This isn't much of a raise for Park but he is a fan favorite because of his exciting baserunning and fielding, so he definitely deserved a raise. This is also the perfect length for an extension due to the fact that after season 3 of this extension, Menne, Zamora, and Juan Guerrero will be in need of extensions themselves. Top prospect and 1st round pick from this past draft Ángel González should be ready for the majors by that time and will be in line to replace Park. At that point, Park can be a mentor and leader in the locker room as the 4th outfielder. In summary, this is a very team friendly deal and establishes Park as an essential piece to this rebuild.

Finally, we would like to talk about some of the great performances across the Mounties organization this season. Two players in the majors who have been outstanding are José Zamora and Rashardo Menne III. Zamora has a record of 15-10 with a 3.57 ERA, 142 stikeouts, and a 3.0 WAR. Menne has been incredible this season with a line of .329/.438/.515 while also having 30 stolen bases and a 3.1 WAR. Keep in mind, he has only played 63 games this season. 3.1 WAR in only 63 games is incredible and is only a testament to how amazing he really is. If Menne keeps this production up for the remainder of his time in Vancouver and Vancouver is able to sign him to an extension, he could realistically go down as a Mounties legend. He has a long way to go, but he could definitely do it. Now, let's talk about some guys in the minors. José Arellano is just itching to come up to the majors and definitely will take a starting rotation spot in September into the start of next season. The top prospect in the Mounties organization Fernando Castillo is finally showing his promise after having a subpar season last year. He is currently in short season A and should be called up back to A ball to end the season. It's not impossible to think that we could see Castillo at the end of next season for a September call up, but it's definitely a long shot. If he keeps up this production consistently throughout his journey in the minors, we should see him in the majors in September 2039, we just need to be patient with him. These are just a couple of the great seasons that many of the prospects are having. Keith Howard is having a great year after being traded from Las Vegas.José Ramirez, Francisco Guilamo, Sen Mori are all having solid seasons respectively. The point is that the Mounties have a solid foundation in the majors and some potentially good to even great players in the minors. The future is bright in Vancouver.
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