The Goat Rope 2039.1

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The Goat Rope 2039.1

Post by GoldenOne » Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:06 pm

Coming off a season where they saw their highest payroll (at almost $98M) since the 2027 season, the Goats have turned to rebuild mode. While their offense looks to still be pretty exciting this season, it will be their pitching staff, namely their bullpen, that will be the telltale for how their season is going. The rebuild actually started about 6 months ago with some mid-season trades and continues into December. Let's look at the changes from the last 6 months or so:

It all started with a rather innocuous trade back in May. On 13 May, the Goats trade 3B António Baca to Boise for $1.5M.

On 24 Jun, the flood gates opened (and some payroll relief came) and the true rebuild began with the trade of SP Knud Zeitler and OF Arthur Norris for 1B William 'Bunk' Moreland, C Ares 'The Steamboat' Papadias, 2038 3rd round pick, SP Lúcio Mendoza, and a Supplemental 2nd rounder SP Sixto Rivera.

On 15 July, C Cisco Arreola ended his short-lived career as a Goat. With his impending Free Agency, the Goats decided to forgo the Compensation pick that was surely coming and traded for 1B Mario 'Toxin' Deórtez. Deortez looks to be on the IL until mid-May 2039 but the option of extending him, if the price is right, or getting some sort of compensation pick was worth the trade.

On 26 Aug, the young stud 1B Miguel 'Bad Moon' Suárez, looking to his first year of arbitration, found himself heading out west for an even bigger stud, 1B Ernesto Sousa. That same day, SS Pedro 'Bandsaw' Gómez, having a career year, was traded for future RF Nacho Méndez.

On 11 Nov, with that large payroll attached to him, the Goats sent William 'Bunk' Moreland (and only 80% of his salary) to the desert for P Roberto Ramírez and 3B Takafumi Fujita.

On 1 Dec, another future All Star in his first year of arbitration, CL José Luna saw himself shipped off to the reigning Landis Champions in exchange for SP Kevin 'Future' Creelman, SP Bob Ramírez, Super Utility Rodrigo Ríos, and 3B/1B Jaime Cuevas.

That's more action than some of the older GMs around the league see in a couple of years. Are the Goats done? Time will tell. Rumors abound about the Goats shopping the 2037 Silk Winner, Justin 'The Scout' Jackson but it seems mild inquiries have resulted in no serious discussions.
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