A Flock of Bluebirds 2043.6- Opening Day Roster Set

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A Flock of Bluebirds 2043.6- Opening Day Roster Set

Post by recte44 » Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:39 pm

A Flock of Bluebirds 2043.6- Opening Day Roster Set
March 31, 2043

The Nashville Bluebirds broke spring camp today, and their Opening Day roster of 27 is all set. Tough decisions were made as the gathering of fringe 40-man players over the past couple of years have resulted in a lot of "out of options" players facing a do or die situation.

Unfortunately for many of these players, it was more "die" than "do".

Pitching Staff:
There didn't seem to be too many decisions to be made when it came to the pitching staff at first glance. The final 13-man staff did include several surprises.

At the outset of camp, the plan was to send Juan Ruiz to the minors to continue his development. Ruiz had other ideas as he not only pitched his way onto the roster, but he also beat out Hao Kun (at least for now) for the fifth starter slot. "I'm thrilled," the 22 year old Puerto Rican right-hander said with a smile. "Just give me the ball, I'm ready to roll." Ruiz joins the rest of the rotation as follows:
#1: Eru Likiliki
#2: Chris Moran
#3: Elliot Buckland
#4: Chin Kim

The Bluebirds bullpen was #1 in the league last year, and figures to be potentially as good again this year. While Lorenzo de' Medici was set as the "stopper", it was unclear who would join him in that role. Despite actually being acquired to fill that exact role last season, Javier Garcia will not start the year as a stopper, instead working in middle relief. "All I want to do is pitch," chuckled Garcia. "They'll tell me when to go in and get outs." Garcia was edged out for the secondary stopper role by the still healthyManuel Orozco. "I feel like a kid again," Orozco said. "Let's keep those injury problems in the past where they belong."

Garcia will be joined in middle relief by the aforementioned left-handed Kun and a newcomer to the bullpen mix in righty Gustavo Munoz, who has been told that he can put his bat and outfield glove away for the time being. "This is my first Opening Day in the big leagues," beamed Munoz. "I'll wash jockstraps if that's what they want me to do."

Veteran Ta-heng Hor is the primary long reliever, and he'll be joined by one of just two "out of options" players on the bubble in camp to make the roster: Pedro Sanchez. The 26 year old right-hander was beside himself with emotion. "It's been twelve long years since I signed my first contract with Seattle. I was just a kid out of Spain who could throw a little," Sanchez said. "This is a dream come true. Unbelievable!"

Nashville did elect to carry a thirteenth pitcher after some debate. After losing their LOOGY of the last couple seasons, Francisco Barrera, to free agency this offseason there was plenty of opportunity for someone to rise up in camp and that's exactly what Yu-bao Tong did. Once a top prospect for then-Huntsville, Tong started 125 games for the Phantoms from 2034-2039. He then moved on to Charm City in 2040 and pitched nineteen games in relief with pretty awful results. Tong has been toiling in the Bluebirds minor leagues for the past two seasons, and now at age 30 he is back in the BBA after a two year absence. "A lot of guys would have hung it up," Tong explained. "I still felt like I could pitch. Nashville stuck with me and they'll get to reap the rewards."


Everyone, and I mean everyone, expected the catching duo was set in stone going into camp. Alberto Rodriguez was the star and Ramon Camacho would be his caddy. Everyone didn't count on the guy who just refuses to go away outplaying Camacho soundly and forcing his way onto the roster. That guy, of course, is Irish native Teegan Nyland, who brings more pop and superior defense to the team. "They say I'm no leader, that I can't adapt, that I don't work hard enough, and that I'm plain stupid," chuckled Nyland. "I'll have the last laugh, I suppose."

The primary starting infield group (against righties) was set going into camp and there are no surprises there, as follows:
1B: Ernesto Sousa
2B: Jesus Yan
SS: Mike England
3B: Tony Frost

Jerome Delage takes over at first base against lefties, with Yan and Frost remaining at their positions. The surprise was at the remaining spot, the player who takes over at shortstop against lefties and serves as the utility player. When the dust cleared, the Bluebirds went with versatility and speed over veteran moxie by choosing Robert Franklin over J.J. McQuade. "Franklin has never hit in the BBA yet, we're very away," Nashville GM Matt Rectenwald said. "We just can't turn our back on the flexibility he gives us. Robbie is like a swiss army knife and we knew he'd be lost to waivers so we made a tough decision. J.J. will land on his feel somewhere."

There was also not a place on the roster for corner infielder Javier Bultron, who was waived/DFA. "We're hoping Javier clears and reports to Orlando," Rectenwald said.

This group was nearly 100% set and there were to be no surprises.
LF: Gipper Kengos
CF: Kidane Ata
RF: Mark White
DH (vs RHP): Mario Guerrer
DH (vs LHP): Nacho Mendez
4th OF: William Wood

Nashville had two out of options outfielders whose only hope was for the Bluebirds to carry twelve pitchers instead of thirteen, and those hopes did not come to fruition. Therefore, Jose Gonzalez and Toby Peck will now hit the waiver wire, unless Nashville can find a trade partner for either. "I expect there will be a market for both, especially Gonzalez," Rectenwald said. "Damn good defender with speed and a lefty bat. Peck can hit, too. He had a great camp, we just couldn't find a spot for him."

Overall, the team has a similar feel to last years squad that missed the playoffs by one game, but there is a different feeling in 2043. "We platooned a lot more over the past couple of seasons than we plan to starting this year," observed Rectenwald. "We had only three every-day players last year with Gipper, Kidane and Frost. This year we're giving Jesus Yan a shot as well as Mark White. The pitching seems much more stable than it did a year ago, with more defined roles. We'll still adapt, because that's what Nashville baseball is all about. We're feeling confident that in 2043, the fans will have a positive end to the season after last year's heartbreak."
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Matt Rectenwald
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Re: A Flock of Bluebirds 2043.6- Opening Day Roster Set

Post by 7teen » Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:05 pm

Give me some of your bullpen!! I need some bullpen WAR
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Re: A Flock of Bluebirds 2043.6- Opening Day Roster Set

Post by RonCo » Sat Jun 13, 2020 1:20 am

Dangerous team.
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