The Goat Rope 2037.1

GM: Brett Golden

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The Goat Rope 2037.1

Post by GoldenOne » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:05 pm

With the major moves of the 2037 Free Agent season seemingly coming to an end, third year Goats Beat Reporter Jimmy Olsen III caught up with the elusive GM of the Nashville Goats, Brett Golden.

Olsen: Mr. Golden, can you provide a comment on the fairly quiet free agent season for the Goats?
Golden: How did you find me here?
Olsen: Sir, you know I've been dating your daughter for 5 months now.
Golden: Do you think I knew it was you? Really? You think I would let that happen?
Olsen: Sir, I was just at your house for New Year's. I kissed her at midnight.
Golden: That was you? Damn, I knew you looked familiar. I was too busy working to really notice. Time to have a talk with her and her mother!
Golden: Whatever. Get the hell out of here. Brown's Diner and this frito pie are the only quiet time I get; I will not have you interrupting me here.
Olsen: As long as you promise to answer 1-2 questions every week or so this season, I promise I will never bother you in this place again.
Golden: One a month.
Olsen: One, with a follow-up, a week and I cover your tab here during the season.
Golden: Will you stop dating my daughter?
Olsen: No.
Golden: Well, I will say you've got some balls kid. I'm sure my daughter has shared some stories with you yet you still showed up here.
Golden: Deal.

Olsen: Starting now then. (I'm not covering any deliveries to the park for you though - dine in only.) With the Goats having so much room under your budget, and all the talk about going after some of the bigger names on the market like Chang, LaLoosh, and De Castillo, why was the only significant signing Arthur Norris on January 16th?
Golden: Look George...
Olsen: My name is Jimmy.

Golden: Whatever. Jimmy. This is a business. We were in on Chang - he is being paid more than what we thought was equal value but we were pretty close there. We were in on De Castillo - that's crazy money to begin with plus he'll be getting at least another million each season with those easy bonuses. LaLoosh - well, no comment on that one. However, once we made the trade for León Ramírez we were pretty happy with how our pitching staff looked so we didnt much care how the LaLoosh talks worked out.
Golden: Oh and dont forget about the deal we made with Dani López. It might not be a huge, sexy signing, but he's already had a big impact in the Clubhouse and when Suarez, Gillstrom Winner, Suarez, struggles against lefties...López doesnt have those issues. Next...and last question.

Olsen: There were rumors around the All Star break last season that your budget for 2037 was going to be around $90M. By the end of the season, your owner, Hank Bones, kicked your budget up to $95M and then $99M. After your signings of Norris, and López, and the trade for Ramírez, season ticket sales are off to a pace that hasnt been seen for years in this organization. Excitement and interest has grown enough for Mr. Bones to increase your budget up to $110M. Can we expect to see any more signings or trades before the season starts?

Golden: I love this team right now. Love it. We surprised a whole bunch of teams last season. We wont be sneaking up on anyone this year. But, we will be making the playoffs this year. Get those season tickets now George, they are going to be tough to find and buy as the season wears on; you wont be able to afford them by the time July gets here.

Olsen: It's Jimmy....
Golden: Whatever. Hey Linda - George here is covering my tab today...and for the rest of the season. All the way into October! Thanks kid.

Olsen: It's Jimmy.
Brett "The Brain" Golden
GM: Nashville Goats 2034-

"Tonight, we take over the world!"
-- The Brain

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Re: The Goat Rope 2037.1

Post by usnspecialist » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:08 pm

Lol that is fantastic
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Re: The Goat Rope 2037.1

Post by RonCo » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:30 pm

Great read. Can't wait to hear more on this ... um ... relationship.
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