Dugout Dirt 2043.52 - How Do You Spell RELIEF?

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Dugout Dirt 2043.52 - How Do You Spell RELIEF?

Post by DugoutDesperado » Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:26 pm

A point of emphasis during the Canes’ Trading Frenzy of 2042 and the following off-season was to bolster the anemic bullpen in Jacksonville. During the first 43 games of the 2043 season, the results seem to support the effort as the following stat lines have been compiled by the Canes’ bullpen:
2043 Bullpen Game 43.PNG

The bullpen to this point overall has saved 15 games while only blowing a single game. The bullpen is anchored by Fernando Guerrero with 14 of those saves. Fernando has an ERA of 2.86 while striking out 17 batters in 22 innings and issuing only 2 walks.

Setup man Angel Gomez has only pitched 8 innings so far in 2043, but he has yet to allow a run.

There are three other relievers with an ERA less than 2.5 with Rafael Torres (1.64 ERA), Hector Gonzalez (1.93) and John Bartlett (2.35).

Rounding out the bullpen is Peter Grady with an ERA of 4.87 and Alfonzo Guzman with an ERA of 5.40. In addition to these relievers, Gonzalo Mercado is currently re-habbing in AAA with an ERA of 3.00 in two appearances before going down to an injury that sidelined him for a month.

The lone dark spot is the emergency starter slot that is flip flopping Domenic Blondell and Esteban Sanchez. Blondell is currently in the rotation while Sanchez is the last man in the pen with an ERA of 7.17 which was accumulated over his 8 starts this season.

These top 7 relievers have combined for 47 earned runs in roughy 131 innings for an ERA of 3.23. Another interesting tidbit is that this entire bullpen has a combined salary of $5M per year.

The Canes’ faithful are hoping that this trend lasts and wondering which portion of the game will be the next focus for the Canes’ front office.

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