2039.5 Co-Jack Gets 1st BBA Hit

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2039.5 Co-Jack Gets 1st BBA Hit

Post by ae37jr » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:11 am

Co-Jack Gets 1st BBA Hit

Robins dugout gives Corey Jackson silent treatment after 1st BBA hit

The saga continues. In a joke that is older then dirt and only Brooklyn fans find funny, Corey Jackson finally picked up his first career BBA hit. The hit officially lists him as a two way player in the history books. For anyone unaware, the Robins front office sneakily held an offseason workout several years ago to try to train players to become two way players. In a PR fumble, the dozen or so players who partook in this training were listed at positions other then their own. This couldn't have happened at a worse time as the expansion draft was about to take place. The league penalized the Robins harshly, but the team continues to swear that Jackson would one day be a hitter at the BBA level.

The next spring, Brooklyn let Jackson hit in some spring training games. He even homered in his first game. But with the team pushing all in, Co-Jack's quest had to be put on hold. He was later released.

After seeing his name on the rule 5 list and having the worst pitching staff in the BBA during this rebuild, the Robins jumped at the opportunity to bring Jackson back. He would go back to his familiar spot in the bullpen, with the opportunity to get a one off at bat here and there. Manager Mike Wilkinson had other plans though. In steering the Robins into first place, he wanted no part of Co-Jack's bat.

Then a funny thing happened. Brooklyn was set to play Nashville and the Goats starter that day was.... Leon Ramirez. In an article posted on this site FOUR seasons ago, A Brooklyn coach stated that...."We didn't realize that Havana/San Fernando had switched leagues and we would not get a chance to face Leon Ramirez, the one BBA pitcher you might have success against"

So with Ramirez on the mound, the Robins just had to give Co-Jack his long awaited shot. In his first ever BBA at bat he hit a 1-1 pitch up the middle for an RBI single. The ball had a respectable exit velocity of 101.9. In his next at bat he made the pitcher work through a 7 pitch at bat before weakly grounding out to 3B. He then equaled his 7 pitch feat in his 3rd at bat, this time taking a walk. In his fourth at bat, the Goats had Ray Perkins on the hill. Perkins was a much better matchup and Brooklyn should have pinch hit here. But instead they went with the hot hand and let Co-Jack get his 4th AB. He rewarded the team with 5 pitch walk.

All in all, Co-Jack went 1-2 with 2 walks and an RBI. In the process he made Nashville labor through 22 pitches. That is a very solid workman like day at the plate for any player, let alone someone who the league called bullshit on as a hitter. It's not yet known at this time whether or not Co-Jack will get more reps at the plate. The Robins use a matchups laden system of determining daily lineups. So I suppose if another lefty pitcher with terrible control comes around, we may get a sequal. If not the Robins may finally be putting an end to this stupid joke.
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Re: 2039.5 Co-Jack Gets 1st BBA Hit

Post by usnspecialist » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:13 pm

My old friend Leon Ramirez (who I actually got from you!!!) He was good for a few years, but looks like i dumped him at the right time.
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