2037.18 Struggling Robins Make a Bad Trade

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2037.18 Struggling Robins Make a Bad Trade

Post by ae37jr » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:41 pm

Struggling Robins Make a Bad Trade

And promise that the grand daddy of bad trades is still to come

The Brooklyn Robins are middle of the pack when it comes to most things. One area that they lead the league in is optimism. The team is still committed to wining a Landis this season even though they are sub .500 in the middle of June.

The biggest source of optimism comes from the fact that they plan to add a serious influx in talent in the near future. Alfredo Martinez is set to come off the DL in just two days. He's been on the DL for the past 7 weeks. Defensive juggernaut Jose Lopez will have missed 9 weeks when he comes back in two. Mario Balderas (7/5/8/7/10 Talents) has only played 8 games this season and is set to rejoin the team after the all star break. All star closer Ryosei Akiyama (10/5/7 Talents) has only pitched 8 innings this season. He'll be back eventually too. Injuries are a part of the game and everyone deals with them. Brooklyn hopes that their stretch of bad luck is behind them and the team will be at full strength soon.

Enter Gerardo Guzman (8/7/2/7/8 Talents). Recently acquired in a trade with Huntsville that saw the Robins give up significant more value then they are receiving. You could argue that he is no better Chris Workman (5/7/5/9/7 Talents). Workman is the dead weight salary used to facilitate this deal. You could also argue that Craig Barber (7/8/5/6/7 Talents) is a better player then Guzman. Neither of those two can play 2B though. Guzman can. The Robins also feel Guzman is a good fit because of his speed, low strikeout rate and popularity with the fans.

The addition of Guzman provides Brooklyn with more ammo in their offense/defense platoon system. Guzman is capable of playing all three infield positions. On days when the team needs offense, they could have Guzman at SS and William Belcham (7/8/2/3/8 Talents) at 2b. If defense is needed, they can play the all world double play combo of Alatas and Lopez while shifting Guzman to 3B. He adds versatility to an already versatile team.

Brooklyn does not appear to be done adding players to their roster. A large scouting team was seen recently in Edmonton for the Jackrabbits series against Hawaii. Is it possible that the worst trade is yet to come?
Alan Ehlers
GM of the Brooklyn Robins

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