Athens Times #5

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Athens Times #5

Post by jtannehill » Tue Mar 02, 2021 6:45 pm


Today we sit down at Piraeus Park before their two week road trip and talk a little Athens baseball while sipping on a nice cold Mythos with first year manager Daud Qadir

Pappas: Thanks for some time today Daud. How are you acclimating to Athens, I understand you are world traveled having coaching stops in Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Taipei and now Athens.

Qadir: It's been wonderful, Athens is a great city and I love the food and drink here and checking out all the cool sites here. Fans have been great as well and I'm happy they are raucous. It''s like a soccer championship game in here with only 28,000 seats. I think it''s made quite a difference.

Pappas: Thank you for touching on that as the Fighting Centaurs are 7-2 at home and conversely 1-7 on the road. What do you think the difference is? Staying up too late maybe? Not enough comforts on the road?

Qadir: I'm not sure exactly we have been playing every team pretty be honest I'm in bed by 8 AM every night so I'm going to leave that up to them. They are grown men I hope they are acting responsible out there. If I here anybody is less than 100% because of staying up too late they will be having a view of the field from the bench. I know Jack Moniker came into my office the other day and thanked me for bringing in some great guys this season that had been well thought of around the league so I was happy to hear that.

Pappas: Let's talk about the new players this year. Who has impressed you so far this season?

Qadir: I think a great under the radar signing was [ ... 42494.html] Mike Charette[/url] coming over from BBA Brooklyn. So far in 4 starts this season he has pitched 7 innings 3 out of 4 times and last start against Tripoli he only gave up one hit and one run in 7 innings so that has been a huge relief to the bullpen. I chose him as our opening day pitcher for a reason and although it was a tough luck 3-0 loss against Bucharest he showed he could hang in there against a great lineup.

Pappas: Who over on the position side of things has impressed you the most?

Qadir: One guy stands out for me. [ ... 27118.html]Ruben Bordonos[/url] Bordonos has been absolutely outstanding for us coming over in the trade earlier this offseason. The two guys we gave up were great young players but we felt we needed that veteran presence that the young players could look up to and emulate and he has been quite the sparkplug in our lineup so far this season.

Pappas: How was the OF improved with the signing of Jose "Heartthrob" Leyva?
[ ... 29534.html] Jose Leyva[/url] has been a really positive addition. His OBP is .418 he's hitting over .300 but more important than all that he is well respected by his teammates and has really boosted the confidence on this team and in the clubhouse. He has been really instrumental in letting these guys believe they can win each and every game and I mean if he doesn't look the part of the heartthrob right? [img] ... 34.png[img]

Pappas: Well Daud, my glass is empty and the game is about to start tonight. You are about to embark on a two week road trip any plans for a team meeting to get the guys fired up about the road trip?

Qadir: Yes as a matter of fact, I'm offering 100 euros and a 6 pack of Ouzo to any player that is in his room before me for the night in the series against Bucharest. I figure Ill try anything to get these guys a full nights rest and see if it can jumpstart our woes on the road.

Pappas: Well I like the incentive there Daud, Hey good luck on the road trip and we will see you when you return.

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