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We Got Wood - 40.51 - Snowflake Fits

Post by 7teen » Fri Nov 29, 2019 11:33 am

In a season that is rapidly coming to a close with little news out of Portland, Lumberjacks General Manager broke his silence today by making some rather controversial statements in the direction of the Vancouver Mounties today. Most of those statements directed towards Fernando Castillo in regards to his temper tantrum that led to a benches clearing brawl when the two teas met last week.

Reporter: How do you feel about being swept by Vancouver last week?

Wilson: Really? You're going to start with that bullshit question? How do you think I feel? I'm obviously pissed off about it. Yeah sure, while we are still trying to secure the 2nd overall pick in the draft with some timely losses in the schedule, we don't want to lose to that bunch of degenerates up there.

Reporter: Are you trying to say you're losing games on purpose?

Wilson: NO, that's not what I'm saying. Just saying we want to make sure we draft 2nd behind that bunch that couldn't win a game if they wanted to out in Charlotte. It appears we are going to do that. But I'd have traded that pick if it meant beating Vancouver. But alas, we didn't. Perhaps they find it as a victory beating up on us and securing a 5th or 6th place standing in the division. But hey, squeaking out 1 run wins over an expansion team might be the best news coming out of Vancouver in quite sometime.

Reporter: Chris, there has also been a lot of speculation that the team might have gotten frustrated over the series loss to Vancouver and tried to intentionally hurt one of the Mounties players. Is there any truth to the rumors that you guys hit Castillo intentionally.

Wilson: None whatsoever. Perhaps the little snowflake should stop crowding the plate.

Reporter: Sir, its 2040 and the word snowflake is no longer appropriate to say.

Wilson: Can I call him a crybaby then?

Reporter: Actually, no you can't do that either. But Castillo did say Portland was frustrated and hit him intentionally.

Wilson: He didn't die did he? Then tell the buttercup to suck it up.

Reporter: Are you denying the team hit him on purpose?

Wilson: Who hit him? Who was pitching at the time of the brawl?

Reporter: [checking notes] Bengt de Meza

Wilson: [chuckling] de Meza! The dude has hit a dozen guys this year and walked about a million. He couldn't hit you on purpose if he tried. Trust me! He's been trying to hit the strike zone on purpose for most of his career and can't do that.

Reporter: So it had nothing to do with being frustrated over going 2-12 against Vancouver this season, the worst record Portland had against any other team in the Frick?

Wilson: None whatsoever.

Reporter: So what does the team need to do to beat Vancouver?

Wilson: Wait until next season I guess. And hey, we always have that Rookie League Championship!
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