We Got Wood - 42.12 - Which Rookies Could Make 2042 Roster?

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We Got Wood - 42.12 - Which Rookies Could Make 2042 Roster?

Post by 7teen » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:40 am

We've discussed the new faces in Portland and which players have left the Lumberjacks for other residence in 2042. Now let's take a look at which rookies could be asked to contribute this season. The Lumberjacks have a wide variety of first-timers that could make the big league squad. How many veterans are out of options will most likely determine which and how many of these guys will actually make the cut come April.

3B Francisco Cortez - A long shot to make the club this season due to the acquisition of Mendoza, Cortez has emerged as someone to keep an eye on as a September call-up or as the guy to replace Mendoza in the chance of an injury. The 37th round expansion draft pick-up has rounded himself into a decent platoon hitter at the hot-corner, even if his defense may lack a bit to be desired.

LF Rodrigo Barbosa - Acquired in a salary dump trade from San Fernando, Barbosa may be another long shot in 2042 in part due to the fact the Lumberjacks have a back load of OFs who need to be on the roster and Barbosa still has a little room to grow. The front office has also hinted to Rodrigo they wouldn't mind for him to learn a little 1B to help his chances at either making the roster this year as a platoon 1B or maybe be the regular 1B in 2043. As of now, look for him in AAA with another good chance at a September call-up to get At-bats in LF and maybe even 1B as a LHP platoon option.

CF Miguel Cortez - With the trading of Brandon Howeth Arneson Jr to Long Beach this off-season, the starting CF spot in 2042 has already been handed to Cortez. If BHA can post a 1 WAR in 2041, we feel Cortez could be closer to a 2 or more WAR player for us over the next few seasons because of the added ability to hit. Cortez isn't a superstar hitter by any means, but he does swing a slightly better bat than BHA which is why we made Arneson expendable. While Cortez may be not an all-star type player, we feel he will be one of those very solid role players for us for several seasons that produces positive WAR numbers and plays elite, gold glove caliber defense in a key up the middle position.

CF Arthur Daniel - Another reason BHA was expendable was because we also had Daniel. We stocked up on mediocre hitting, elite caliber defensive guys at CF in our initial trades after the draft and the move may or may not work in the end. We prefer Cortez right now over Daniel because we feel he's a slightly better hitter. Daniel can use a little bump in a category or two so he'll likely start the year in AAA. If the Lumberjacks wanted to field an elite defense that no ball would ever be missed, the team could put Daniel in CF, Cortez in RF, and Lopez (last year's Gold Glove winner) in LF and pitchers would live a happy life on the mound. It's just unsure whether that team could score enough runs to help the pitcher any.

COF/DH Matt Normore - Normore fits into a similar mold of guys I would get in Madison. High contact guys who will hit for high average but not draw many walks (see Steve Dempsey). I guess one major difference in Normore and a guy like Dempsey is Normore does possess a little more power. Normore could easily hit 15-20 homeruns a season in Portland with that 5 power rating. The biggest problem with Normore at the moment is his inability to play defense. Will Portland sacrifice their DH spot for a guy that will only hit 15-20 homeruns? Perhaps. Especially if the team finds a better option in RF. Or does Normore spend the season in AAA because he has options and the team wait one more season to bring all the big names up at the same time?

P Terrence Kelly - Portland needs pitching, which is why there is a chance we see Kelly in a Lumberjacks uniform this season in some capacity. But at the same time, Kelly could use another part of the season in AAA to season his ratings a little more and then perhaps make his debut in 2043 along with another pitching prospect the Lumberjacks are high on. The Kelly decision will likely come down to the end of the roster cuts. If the Lumberjacks have a spot open, it may go to Kelly. If the team just doesn't have any more movable players with options to the minors then Kelly could very easily spend 2042 in AAA.

P Francisco Franco - If these were my Madison days, I'd probably call both Kelly and Franco up this year and hope to compete and make a run at the post-season with every bullet I had. Franco and Kelly are both potential bullets. But these aren't my Madison days. I just don't think this team has what it takes to be remotely competitive (hell we're going to lose 100 games again) so why waste a service year out of either of these guys right now. The window is still 4-5 years for Portland I feel so let's make sure these guys are controllable pieces for that time span and make a run then. While you may see Kelly this season, fans should not expect to see Franco until 2043. He'll probably start at AA, get a call-up to AAA around the all-star break, then be ready for 2043.
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Re: We Got Wood - 42.12 - Which Rookies Could Make 2042 Roster?

Post by indiansfan » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:34 pm

I'll be interested to see how Kelly goes. I have a few low stuff, high movement guys in my system too.

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