C-Notes 2046.01 - Hector Cruz? He's a Moron!

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C-Notes 2046.01 - Hector Cruz? He's a Moron!

Post by GoldenOne » Fri Feb 05, 2021 11:34 am

Somewhere in the middle of the 2045 season, the Charlotte Cougars Front Office decided the team a little bit more power and run support at the plate. The result? On 24 August, the Cougars went out and made a trade with Des Moines for Hector Cruz (in exchange for a young catching prospect, Shi-min Xi.) At the time, anyone in the Charlotte organization not named Brett Golden was shaking their head in disbelief. There were even more than a couple of "oh honey"'s muttered around the hallways. Its understandable, since, at the time, Cruz was hitting a paltry .186/.257/.322 with 6 HRs and 19 RBIs.

This was the guy Golden was bringing in to create more runs? Seriously?

Well, sometimes GMs are in those positions for a reason - they're smarter than everyone else when it comes to things like this. More on that in a minute.

Following the end of the recent Landis/Brewster Memorial Series - you know, the completion of the 2045 season - Hector Cruz decided to send this message to GM Golden: "I'm tired of the lack of attention I get on this team. I am part of the starting lineup, and you fail to see that. I am asking to be traded as soon as possible, so please respect my wishes."

Leaked draft versions of Golden's response had a few choice words for Cruz. We can only assume this was one of the earlier drafts of the final response as neither Cruz nor Golden had any comment.

"Dear Hector,
How stupid can you be? The season is over. If you remember right, you cleaned your crap our of the clubhouse over 3 weeks ago, dumb-ass. Trade you!?!? You're now a Free Agent for crying out loud!! And one that wouldn't discuss an extension with us while you were here! You're a moron. Lack of attention? Umm, you played in 28 of the 36 games that you were a part of this organization. Maybe you think you're still in Des Moines? I mean, they are the ones that only played you in roughly 70 of their 124 games. You hit .303/.386/.636 with 8 HRs and 17 RBI while you were here. Just a reminder, here, in this case means Charlotte! Basically, you only sat the last week of the season, and only against righties, because Mr. Bueno was killing righties at the time. And, well, you weren't. I'd be happy to trade your ass, if I could. I'd even buy you a first-class ticket for your flight to Cairo!


One can only assume that that was not the final version of the email sent back to Mr. Cruz, but stranger things have happened in Charlotte.
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Re: C-Notes 2046.01 - Hector Cruz? He's a Moron!

Post by RonCo » Sun Feb 07, 2021 12:27 am

These insider looks are like seeing these latest revival of Big Brother.
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Re: C-Notes 2046.01 - Hector Cruz? He's a Moron!

Post by 7teen » Wed Feb 10, 2021 11:49 am

Be interesting when Cruz returns to Charlotte at some point.
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