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Istanbul Block

Post by ae37jr » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:39 pm

Season is already a bust. Looking to sell. Who wants to win the inaugural UMEBA Championship? Come get some deals.

I also have some emotional attachment to the following players. Not willing to do a stupid trade just to get them. But all things close to equal. I'd love to have them in Istabul.

Ivan Lopez(Had him with Brussels and Brooklyn)
Enrique Salazar (3/3/7/4/5 Ratings)
Ernesto Ruiz (6/4/1/4/9 Ratings)
Craig Boteler (3/4/7 Ratings)
Brian Conley (6/3/4 Ratings)
Martin Cooper (4/4/2/2/8 Ratings)
Lachlan McQuinney (3/5/2 Ratings)
Alan Ehlers
GM of the Brooklyn Robins

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