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The Bucharest Digest - 2046.2

Post by kmcbride » Sun Mar 14, 2021 10:39 pm

Had some time to do a review of the team, still waiting for McBride to arrive. The good news is that the team is loaded and ready to win. They won over 100 games last year, and have a very strong farm system. Especially up the middle. We are short on pitching prospects, but as best I can tell, so is everyone else. It’s worth remembering, because we have a draft coming up very shortly.

That reminds me . . . gotta start reviewing that draft pool.

The bad news is that expectations are very high. We literally cannot outperform our expectations. If we win a championship, we do it with the previous GMs team, and it’s almost like meeting the team’s expectations. If we miss the playoffs, we look like incompetent idiots.

And after a month or so of regular season, we are under .500, in the middle of the division, and if you listen closely you can hear the sounds of the oncoming steamroller that will undoubtedly crush us if we can’t turn the team around and get out of its way.

Update: this draft class is garbage.

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