2046:02 The question on everyone's minds is:

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2046:02 The question on everyone's minds is:

Post by allenciox » Thu Feb 18, 2021 11:05 am

Abraham Ganz column, Feb. 25, 2046: "Impale: U, ME, Baseball!"

The question on everyone's minds is: What's happened to Rafael Mullet in the offseason?

Training camp is an exciting time for Bucharest. It is so fun seeing all the returning players, as they go about their routines, and get rid of the rust from the offseason. This year is no different, except for one thing: Watching Mullet in CF, he seems a bit... well... off.

Being an outstanding fielder has been his calling card. He is ok with the bat, but he has been truly outstanding in the outfield. Last year, he won the Platinum Stick award AND the Great Glove award for CF: no small accomplishment.

But this year, well, to be frank... he seems to have lost a step, both in the outfield, and on the base paths, and everybody is noticing. Balls that last year he would have gotten to with ease are now "just out of his reach". And at 22 years old, it shouldn't have anything to do with aging out.

Notably, he is still a really good fielder, but... currently experts project him to win a $5 million award through arbitration next year. Unless he is able to regain that step during spring training, he is likely to either find his presumed contract for next year drop significantly --- or for Bucharest to just release him after the year is out. After all, they have another lefty outstanding potential talent, Manny Gomez , waiting in the wings --- in fact, he is pencilled in as the starter for today's first spring season game.

So, Rafael, we are rooting for you... but fella, you need to get your butt in gear or you may find yourself wearing a different outfit next season.

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Re: 2046:02 The question on everyone's minds is:

Post by RichY » Thu Feb 18, 2021 12:39 pm

Frustrating when they inexplicably regress so young. Plenty of time for a bounce back though.
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