Season Recap 2037 ep.1

GM: Jouve Crawford

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Season Recap 2037 ep.1

Post by handaspencer » Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:19 pm

In its inaugural season the Baghdad Kings finished 39-40 to finish 3rd in the Burt League of the UMEBA. We finished with a fan interest of 74, drew 84k fans and was able to turn a small profit as well. Baghdad finished with a .233 AVG. which was near the bottom but had a 3.59 ERA and lead most pitching and defensive categories. Baghdad finished +5 RD, -1 Pythag, and had 18.30 total team WAR.

Just to highlight some of the struggles offensively here is the some of team rankings. After finishing almost dead last in every offensive category we did claim the #1 spot for HBP. I guess when you lack eye its hard to avoid the heat.

1st in HBP
8th in hits
7th in runs scored
8th in K
8th in avg.
8th in BABIP

GM Spencer is excited about his pitching staff and is hoping to build on this going forward. Here is some of the highlights from the team pitching staff

1st in FIP
2nd in ERA
1st in HR allowed
2nd BB allowed
1st in runs allowed

There is a storm cloud brewing this offseason as most of the pitching staff and team will hit the FA market as Baghdad is financially strapped going into the offseason. We hired GM Spencer 2 weeks before the season ended and he has already proven that he is the man for the job going forward. His first item of business is to find a manager to lead this team. GM Spencer is looking for someone who can connect with the team and maximize their talents. We will leave no stone unturned and seek any possible path to winning. GM Spencer is commited to bring a winner to the ownership in Baghdad.

GM Spencer main goal this offseason is to create an identity for this team. We have started to develop a reputation that its hard to score against us.
We want to continue that but we are aware we need to increase the stakes offensively to compete for the playoffs. We will remain patient this offseason and strike when opportunity presents itself. Every move we make as an organization we will ask ourselfs how will this move impact us this season and years down the road? I think excitement is peaking because we believe we can improve on our record next season and take the next step.

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Re: Season Recap 2037 ep.1

Post by ae37jr » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:18 pm

Pitching is going to be very valuable in the UMEBA over the next few seasons. If you look at the free agents that have signed, 99% of them are batters. So for whatever reason, pitchers don't want to come here.

I'm in the same situation. I want to cut payroll and have a lot of pricey pitchers who look expendable. But I may end up keeping them for fear that there will be literally no one to replace them.
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