UMEBA Walkoff Watch 2041, Sim #20

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UMEBA Walkoff Watch 2041, Sim #20

Post by Fat Nige » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:32 am

The Walkoff Watch Terminology

Balkoff - When a pitcher balks in the winning run.

Derpoff - When a pitcher walks in the winning run, hits a batter with the bases full, or the winning run scores due to a wild pitch or error.

200-proof walkoff - When the home team scores in the bottom of a previous inning to extend the game and then scores with a walkoff in a subsequent inning.

Buntoff When the team bunts in the walkoff run.

Pimpoff - When the home team scores a walkoff following the visiting team tying the game to cause extra innings (or more extra innings) or scoring what would have been the winning run if the home team hadn’t responded.

Bunt-Pimpoff A pimpoff, but when the batter successfully bunts home the walkoff run.

Table of Contents
Sim: Player & Team Highlights
Sim: Outcomes
Points Table

Player & Team Highlights Sim #20
August 11th – August 17th

We got some last innings action this week in our 24 game slate but only one run of it counted once more. Four games saw runs in the top of the ninth to settle it and two went into extras, both of them though settled in the top half on the innings. We did however get four games were the UMEBA batters laid bat on ball to score in the bottom of the ninth, unfortunately in three of those games the home team was already toast.


We had to wait right through to the last day of the week for the UMEBA walkoff boys to get going. On August 17th Beirut slipped into Baghdad desperate to gain more ground on Bucharest. The Kings opened up in the fourth, but by the seventh the Cedars had turned it round and led 2-1. A two-out hit by Raul Hernandez in the bottom of the eighth got the runner home from second and tied the game at 2-2. Baghdad allowed a walk in the top of the ninth but made quick work of the rest of the Beirut boys. Down to the bottom half and Gilg Winkel was on the mound. He coughed up a single straight away, but Baghdad couldn’t bunt him over as he was thrown out at second. Winkel walked the next batter giving the homesters runners at first and second. Jeffrey Verkade stepped up to the plate and scratched out “HR” in the dirt, he’d taken to doing that recently as he was still waiting for his first homer of 2041, at 39-yrs-old he knew there wouldn’t be many more. He took two right down the pipe before finally laying bat on ball on the third pitch, it might not have flown over the fences but it eluded the third baseman and gave the runner from second more than enough time to spot the third base coach waiving him home. A 200 Proof walkoff for the Kings lifting them off the bottom of the Walkoff Table.

2041 Heroes

Primio Anastcia, (Bucharest) Walkoff x 2, Pimpoff
Randolph Webber (Mumbai) – Pimpoff
Chester Owens (Beirut)
Woo-jong Kang (Jerusalem) – 1 x 200 Proof, 1 x Pimpoff
Antonio Lara (Bucharest) – Bunt-Pimpoff
Bai-luo Jiu (Istanbul) Walkoff x2, 1 x 200 proof
John Garcia (Istanbul) Walkoff x2
Bungay Martin (Cairo)
Armando Ojito (Manama)
Jose Lopez (Istanbul) – 200 proof
Jesus Flores (Manama)
Hector Correa (Istanbul)
Vincent Bonin (Baghdad)
Grigory Vojjinsky (Manama)
Jeffrey Cunningham (Bucharest) Walkoff x 2
Oliver Ruiz (Beirut) 200 proof, walkoff
Youp Lenoir (Jerusalem)
Fernando Ortiz (Beirut)
Saikaku Aoki (Bucharest)
Antonio Valentin (Beirut)
Damien Mayne (manama) 200 proof
Gilbert Hansen (Baghdad)
Juan Rodriguez (beirut)
Elijah Curry (Cairo)
Arthur Norris (Istanbul) 200 Proof
Terrence Mack (Jerusalem) 200 Proof
Anastasio Diaz (Bucharest)
Rhys Nornabell (Manama)
Jeffrey Verkade (Baghdad)

2041 Goats

Brian Soper, (Jerusalem)
Simon Bamber (Jerusalem)
Alistair Grieves (Manama) Walkoff x 3
Lucas Meech (Baghdad) – Walkoff x3
Jorge Barron (Cairo)
Juan Pagan (Manama)
Yu Niu (Manama)
Borjn de Rooji (Cairo)
Randy Oliver (Baghdad) – Derpoff
Nicholas Vankrimpen (Baghdad)
Caleb Benavides (Cairo) Walkoff x 2
Francisco Quintana (Cairo)
Corbin Torres (Beirut)
Bras Gesteiras (Istanbul) Walkoff x 2
Hector Gallo (Cairo)
Leonardo Gomez (Mumbai)
Juan Lopez (Beirut)
Ismael Rivera (Istanbul) Derpoff
Ramon Garza (Manama)
Charlie Simmons (Istanbul)
Henry Waddell (Baghdad)
Ramon Vasquez (Jerusalem)
Nadir Akili (Istanbul)
Gilberto Tovar (Manama)
Hector Barajas (Jerusalem) Derpoff
Momcilo Djuretic (Manama)
Armando Rasquilha (Bucharest)
John Jefferson (Beirut)
Kyle Eston (Bucharest)
Gilg Winkel (Beirut)

2041 Walkoff Points Table - Sim #20

Teams get a point for scoring a walkoff and lose a point for conceding a walkoff, they get an extra point for a bunt-pimpoff, a pimpoff, a 200 proof or a buntoff while also losing a point for a Derpoff or a Balkoff.

Nigel Laverick
Cairo Chariot Archers
UMEBA : BURT Pennant 2038, 39
BURT League Championship winner 2038, 39, 40

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