UMEBA Walkoff Watch 2041, Sim #6

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UMEBA Walkoff Watch 2041, Sim #6

Post by Fat Nige » Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:50 pm

The Walkoff Watch Terminology

Balkoff - When a pitcher balks in the winning run.

Derpoff - When a pitcher walks in the winning run, hits a batter with the bases full, or the winning run scores due to a wild pitch or error.

200-proof walkoff - When the home team scores in the bottom of a previous inning to extend the game and then scores with a walkoff in a subsequent inning.

Buntoff When the team bunts in the walkoff run.

Pimpoff - When the home team scores a walkoff following the visiting team tying the game to cause extra innings (or more extra innings) or scoring what would have been the winning run if the home team hadn’t responded.

Bunt-Pimpoff A pimpoff, but when the batter successfully bunts home the walkoff run.

Table of Contents
Sim: Player & Team Highlights
Sim: Outcomes
Points Table

Player & Team Highlights Sim #6
May 5th-May 11th

24 games again this week, but the players worked overtime as they played 14 extra innings after five of the games went to extras. The good thing about that is that four of the five extra-innings games produced a walkoff result, coupled with a walkoff in regulation and we have our most productive week of the 2041 season with five walkoffs. All credit to Istanbul too who gave us three of the Walkoffs, just shows it plays not to have a GM (also demonstrating why they’re the class of the UMEBA so far this year).


The first walkoff game of the sim was Manama at Istanbul on the 5th, tied at three since the eighth inning it was finally settled in the bottom of the 11th. Juan Pagan had just become the sixth Pearls pitcher to take the mound when he gave up a single to the first batter who then stole second. Bai-luo Jiu was next up. Pagan’s fourth pitch was met by Jiu’s bat who spanked it deep into the outfield past the diving second baseman. The runner from second had no problems sprinting home for the Bosphorus’ first 2041 walkoff.
The eleven innings didn’t wear out the Bosphorus as the very next day it took them twelve innings to best the Pearls again. Losing 7-0 Istanbul had scored seven runs between the sixth & the eighth innings to tie the game. Goose eggs were the order of the day then till the 12th. Yu Niu was the Pearls pitcher this time, he didn’t help his cause when with one out he hit the batter to put the winning run on. Striking out the next batter, he was looking for the final out when John Garcia stepped into the batters box. After fouling off the first ball, Garcia gracefully swung through the second pitch and the crowd leapt to their feet as the ball sailed way over the right field fence for a 2-run shot and the game.
This day was the first multi-walkoff game of 2041 for the UMEBA as Cairo downed Bagdad in 10. The Kings tied the game at three in the top of the ninth but the reprieve was only temporary. Bottom of the tenth Henry Waddell took over on the mound. A seven pitch at bat saw Cairo get the winning run on base with a single into shallow left. Lucas Meech took over on the mound and a fielder’s choice at 2nd gave Bagdad hope. Bungay Martin was the next Chariot Archer into the box and another patient six pitch at bat ended him stroke the ball past third allowing the runner to power home all the way from first. Meech becomes the first two-time Goat of 2041
The 8th of May saw Istanbul post their third walkoff of the sim, this time against Cairo in regulation. A solo homer in the top of the seventh had tied the game at four for Cairo, but there was no change when Borjn de Rooji took the mound for Cairo. A double and two walks put de Rooji in a real jam, two consecutive strikeouts gave the Chariot Archers hopes of pitching out of the bases loaded jam. In wasn’t to be though as Bai-luo Jiu entered the box. Second ball he squeezed the ball past the third baseman and the runner from third just jogged home as Jiu became the Hero for the second time this sim.
The final walkoff of the sim came on the 9th as Manama took 13 innings to deliver a walkoff over Bagdad. The Kings had taken a 5-4 lead in the top of the ninth but couldn’t hold it as the first Pearls player to bat hit the ball over the fences to send the game into extras. Scoreless into the 13th Bagdad hit a long fly ball that just crept the right side of the foul pole. Fearing Meech and his 2 Goat awards the Kings yanked him in favour of Randy Oliver in the bottom of the 13th. No good though, three singles later the bases could have been loaded and Oliver was counting his blessing that his defence backed him up with a caught stealing. A fourth successive hit saw Manama tie it at six. An intentional walk loaded the bases and four pitches later Oliver became 2041’s first pitcher to walk in the winning run.

2041 Heroes

Primio Anastcia, (Bucharest)
Randolph Webber (Mumbai) – Pimpoff
Chester Owens (Beirut)
Woo-jong Kang (Jerusalem) – 200 Proof
Antonio Lara (Bucharest) – Bunt-Pimpoff
Bai-luo Jiu (Istanbul) (Walkoff x2)
John Garcia (Istanbul)
Bungay Martin (Cairo)
Armando Ojito (Manama)

2041 Goats

Brian Soper, (Jerusalem)
Simon Bamber (Jerusalem)
Alistair Grieves (Manama)
Lucas Meech (Bagdad) – (Walkoff x2)
Jorge Barron (Cairo)
Juan Pagan (Manama)
Yu Niu (Manama)
Borjn de Rooji (Cairo)
Randy Oliver (Bagdad) - Derpoff

2041 Walkoff Points Table - Sim #6

New for sim #6 is the Overall points table. Teams get a point for scoring a walkoff and lose a point for conceding a walkoff, they get an extra point for a bunt-pimpoff, a pimpoff, a 200 degree proof or a buntoff while also losing a point for a Derpoff or a Balkoff.

Thanks to vic for the help with the table code
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