‘Twas the Night Before Christmas- MBWBA Style

by Mike Calvaruso, GM, Birmingham Bandits

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the league,
Not a GM was stirring, not even Ben Teague

The owners were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of the playoffs danced in their heads

When out from the standings there arose such a clatter,
big trades and maneuvers that all seemed to matter

Away to my computer, I flew like a flash
Just hoping and praying my export didn’t crash

As I watched the screen brighten and come into focus
I glared at the standings that wanted to choke us

A small group of the teams, all lively and quick
Were vying for a title, from both the Johnson and Frick

Stronger than Lions and as mean as the same,
I yelled and I cursed and called them by name

On Halifax, On Brooklyn
Now Omaha and Cali,

On Carolina, On Vegas,
On Seattle and Indy

To the top of the standings these teams they had risen
including the wildcard that had been some other teams vision

making the rest of wonder “why is it so damn tough”
to get out of the cellar and stop chipping from the rough

The Phantoms , Gamblers, Crawdads and Sluggers are all teams with a chance
Could maybe get into the playoffs with just one break at first glance

But it quite obvious to everyone that it’s more than just luck
Which means the rest of us have no chance, we are all just fucked.

Because every year is the same, the games just get tougher
This league has no pushovers and winning gets rougher

But we all begin each season with excitement and hope
Cause a Landis on your team banner sure would be dope

But alas not all can be winners or even second place
That’s why we play games and act like it’s a race

So keep prancing a pawing, and clawing to the top
Because fame can be fleeting, but a Landis title is not!

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