“We did not just punt 2043.” Says GM Justin Niles.(43.28)

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“We did not just punt 2043.” Says GM Justin Niles.(43.28)

Post by niles08 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:05 pm

After the news conference today regarding the Cyclones trade with Louisville many fans and analysts alike felt sick to their stomach that after just 50 games, it seemed Omaha had given up on 2043 already.

“We did not just put 2043 away” said GM Justin Niles at the press conference. But did Omaha do just that? We take a look a bit deeper at what was sent away and whether or not Omaha could still compete this season after this deal.

First, looking at what Omaha has done well, you will find nothing special other than home runs, where the team ranks 6th in the Frick. All other categories both on the mound and at the plate sit somewhere between 14th and 16th in the Frick. 16th is obviously dead last. So the team doesn’t do much well.

What did they acquire that will improve?

For one, Donald Miller is a very good patient hitter who will take walks better than anybody not named Andre Ly on this team. Miller has 628 BBA at bats, dating back to last season and has walked 90 times. That is a 14% walk rate. After Ly in 2042, Omaha had no player with more than 66 walks on the season. The team walked at an average rate of 8.9% and 2043 has looked much like 2041 when Omaha went 63-99 and walked 7.8% of the time. In 2043, Omaha is walking at a horrible 6.1% clip.

Noguchi is another guy who is going to take walks much better than the guy he is assuming replacing in Ramiro Cheron. Chiron has 6 walks in his 122 at bats this season and a .189/.250/.246 triple slash. Those 6 walks mean he walks 5% of the time. Noguchi, has 15 walks in 131 at bats at the triple A level and a .321/.390/.405 triple slash that will clearly come down a bit at the BBA level, but is likely still going to tremendously outpace Cheron.

What did they lose?

The biggest blow is going to be to the pitching staff. Yi and Clulow were having rough starts to the year, but Yi was showing signs of it working out as was Clulow. Even if they finished with ERA’s of 5, these were still two cost controlled effective starters in a starting pitching market that has been very tight. With Salinas likely spending his year in AAA, having to turn to Thomas Rodriguez and Carlos Silva is a bit of a scary thought.

Edgardo Diaz was starting to get regular at bats against lefties, but has struggled much of his career early on. This likely isn’t going to be a huge loss especially considering Diaz’s struggles in fielding. The club also has Carlos Munoz still who can field at 1B against left handed pitching.

In the outfield, Brett White and Martin Marin were being used as designated hitters for the most part, with White batting against righties and Marin against lefties. Miller instantly could replace both of these players as he doesn’t have the same split that Marin and White shared. White and Marin were actually likely going to be sent walking at the end of 2043 anyhow if you believe what Niles says.

JR Browne and Human Bin Nuti were minor league players who weren’t making a BBA impact so had no effect on the punt or no punt or whatever it is Omaha GM Justin Niles is trying to say by mixing baseball and football. Bin Nuti did cost the club $6 million though as he was an international free agent the club signed.

So all in all, after digging a bit deeper, did Omaha punt the season away? Maybe…Maybe not…I guess it sort of depends on what the club gets out of Thomas Rodriguez and Carlos Silva. They certainly didn’t punt it away offensively as the offense should actually improve with these moves and they may have done that in additional to having additional team control for the youngsters they acquired.

Then again…the season appears to be pretty gone anyhow with the club currently 12-31 and 16 games back already in the Heartland race, along with 12 games back in the wildcard. Never say never, but it appears the wind has blown for the Cyclones early in 2043.

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Re: “We did not just punt 2043.” Says GM Justin Niles.(43.28)

Post by usnspecialist » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:49 pm

You did in fact not JUST punt on 2043, you punted on that awhile ago ;)
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