42.14 The City of Red Deer and the Story of Two Warring Franchises Part One

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42.14 The City of Red Deer and the Story of Two Warring Franchises Part One

Post by crobillard » Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:43 am

Canadians are usually known for their apologetic personas and an overwhelmingly calm demeanor. That's not the case in Red Deer, Alberta where residents are conflicted with an immediate choice at birth, Edmonton Jackrabbits or Calgary Pioneers? Red Deer is almost perfectly halfway between the two cities and the population of Red Deer is split almost the same way as well. On big game days, the North half of Red Deer is filled with busy residents hustling to work with accessories on top of their formal wear expressing their love for the Jackrabbits. I've seen people wearing rabbit ears, yellow ties, pins of a glove with a ball inside, the symbol used to commemorate the Steven Collins III hidden ball trick in the 2038 Landis Series and bright yellow socks with the Jackrabbits logo. I saw one resident with a suit with 'Donadoni' embroidered on the back, a testament to the excitement fans have about Edmonton top prospect Carlomaria Donadoni.

The south side of Red Deer is the sportier side of the city. Filled with sports bars, hotels, large theaters where residents can watch games on the big screen, interactive billboards that allow residents to vote on a variety of topics and outdoor podcasts all to celebrate their hometown Calgary Pioneers. Residents in this half of the city wear oversized jerseys, winter hats year long and hang flags outside their window all with the Pioneers red. There are murals all over this half of the city depicting large events in Pioneers history, their beautiful 2018 and 2021 Landis champion mural welcoming visitors is my favorite. By city hall is a really old enormous mural that's been added onto over many years by renown Canadian artist and hardcore Pioneers fan, Genevieve Cartier, of a moment in each player's career that had gone to the Hall of Fame for Calgary. The most recent addition, Hector Cano, can be seen in double vision from his two swings of the bat launching homeruns in the Geoghegan series against Long Beach in 2029. The images overlap each other and create this intense, suspenseful visual that does it's job reminding baseball fans of those moments. Other players depicted in the mural include Dickey Brickman, Jack Hanski, Johnnie Iraq and Bombo Vadabonce.

Red Deer has a passionate fan base and many teams have wanted to place a team here, but the city hasn't allowed it due to it's limited size. Residents of Red Deer wouldn't have it any other way though. They prefer to continue to cheer on their sports teams without any interference. They like to showcase the love for their sports teams through art and style. More than anything they appreciate, but also find a shared hatred Bobby Lynch.

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Re: 42.14 The City of Red Deer and the Story of Two Warring Franchises Part One

Post by RonCo » Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:59 am

I like that. Interesting conflicts.
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