Dugout Dirt 2041.16 - Beirut Draft Classes - Where are they now?

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Dugout Dirt 2041.16 - Beirut Draft Classes - Where are they now?

Post by DugoutDesperado » Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:21 pm

Just curious as to what the UMEBA is adding to the gene pool via the draft. Looking at the three previous drafts to this one (maybe all three?), I have yet to see Beirut adding much fodder to potentially go to the show at this point. It almosts points to the UMEBA being a stage for encore more than a breeding ground for new talent.

The Beirut draft classes and what they are doing now (to the best of my abilities anyway). If I get time, I will try to add some links to the players.

Will Eichele x
Wally Geoghegan (A) Hit .239 last year at Ulaanbaatar before going to Manama as part of the trade for Ruben Nunez
Ben Harwood x
Edward Attwood (A) Hit .153 with 6 HR’s last year in the Wisconsin organization.
Sterling Greenway (S A) Went 1-1 with a 4.24 ERA at Kingston in the Las Vegas organization.
Vaughn Turner – Retired. Never had an official AB at any level.
Shi-fu Kun x
Zhao-ying Tsou Retired. Last season was at AAA Ulanbaatar with a 15.95 ERA an chore

Joe D’antonio (AA) Currently 3-3 in his first year at AA with a 7.33 ERA and 52K’s in 40 innings.
Bernie Kesterton (A) Has an 0-1 record with a 5.83 ERA while racking up 13 K’s in 12 innings.
Arthur Barlow (A) Struggling with a record of 0-6 and an ERA of 11.37.s
Ronald Ziersch - Currently a free agent. Last season was in A level Ulanbaatar with an ERA of 9.27.
Biao Huie - Also a free agent. Had an ERA of 18.24 in his last year with Victoria in 2039.
Stephen Stephens Free agent. Had an ERA of 12.04 in his last season with Ulaanbaatar in 2039.
Gareth Nelms Free Agent. Had an ERA of 6.43 in his last season with Ulaanbaatar in 2039.
Randy Delzoppo - Free Agent. Had an ERA of 10.19 in his last season with Ulaanbaatar in 2039.

Marco Acheson (A) Hitting .098 thus far in his second season at Ulaanbaatar.
Trent Mangan (A) Hitting .273 with a homer so far in 2041.
Ethan Eichele (A) Has compiled a 3-3 record this year with an ERA of 6.94.2-5 8.63
Simon Ambrose (A) Hitting .321 with 3 HR’s in 106 AB’s
Bernie Matheson (A) Hitting .417 in 36 AB’s while sharing time in LF.
Fraser Wood (A) Hitting .226 with one home run.
Zhang Shu (A) The first baseman Is hitting .404 with 6 homers in 99 AB’s

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