C-Notes 2041.5 - Sucks and Swallows

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C-Notes 2041.5 - Sucks and Swallows

Post by GoldenOne » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:21 pm

John "The Ghost" Weber, owner of the Charlotte Cougars, had just a couple of goals for his new GM, Brett Golden. The first - "Don't Completely Suck."

Well, looking back at what Golden was doing with his picks in the Expansion Draft, it was hard to see anything but that happening in the 2040 season. Golden seemed to have focused on gathering a very young bunch of prospects that would be controllable for several years, but that were also a couple of seasons away from actually playing in the BBA. So, with only 48 wins, the Cougars did completely suck in 2040.

Its not all bad though. Sucking so bad in 2040 meant the Cougars would have the first pick in the 2041 draft. And with that pick, the Cougars wasted no time in selecting RHP Amos Swallows.

18 year-old Swallows hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Scouts grade out Swallows as a 10/6/6 Potential. His fastball, more of a Cutter, tops out at around 83-85 mph. Not a top pick with that speed? Well, consider that his best pitch is a 13/10 rated Knuckleball!

Granted, the baseball season is relatively short in Edmonton but Swallows seems to have a moron as a coach as Amos only appeared in 7 games in two seasons of high school ball. Either that, or Amos just picked up the game.

Either way, with a Knuckleball like that and a strong work ethic, nobody should be surprised to see Amos Swallows get voted into the Hall of Fame some day.
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