Dugout Dirt 2041.13 - 2041 Draft Class

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Dugout Dirt 2041.13 - 2041 Draft Class

Post by DugoutDesperado » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:06 pm

The Beirut Cedar front office was in the midst of a flurry of activity during the UMEBA 2041 Draft. All of the owners seemed to be prepared and knowing what they wanted as the picks were fast and furious throughout the 8 round draft.

For the Cedars, the initial draft grade is evaluated at a B -. There were no projected standouts amongst the Cedar pick list, but there are some pieces that could be added to the UMEBA-level puzzle 3 or 4 years down the road. The Cedar draft list is:

1. LF Arnold Norris – This 16 year old lefty has some decent hitting potential with projected 6 rating on contact, power, eye and discipline.
2. SP Dondo-pa Yong – Can throw a 94-96 mph fastball at the age of 17 with with projected stuff, movement and control ratings of 5 in each category.
3. SP/1B Paddy Fleming - Computer pick listed as a first baseman but with some decent pitching ratings. At 17, this righty has potential ratings of 6/5/5 with a 94-96 mph fastball.
4. SP Edwin Acheson – The Beirut front office decided to go with a third pitcher in their first four picks by pickin this 16 year old right hander with potential ratings of 5/5/7.
5. 2B Randall Galpin – Has a potential 5 contact rating and 5 power rating. The discipline rating of 3 may be a bit of a free swinging downfall if he does not learn some patience along the way.
6. CL Carlos Aspden The first of two closers picked by the Cedars with ratings of 5/5/6,
7. CL Andre Dalley - The second consecutive reliever grabbed by Beirtu with ratings of 7/5/2 This righty can toss a a 95-97 mph fastball
8. SP Darren Murphy – The final Cedar pick of the 2041 is this 17 year old has pitching ratings of 5/4/5, Darren has been clocked throwing at speeds of 97-99.

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