A Flock Of Bluebirds 2040.9- September Callups Tell a Story for Nashville

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A Flock Of Bluebirds 2040.9- September Callups Tell a Story for Nashville

Post by recte44 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:48 pm

September Callups Tell a Story for Nashville
September 1, 2040

September is once again here, and for rebuilding clubs such as Nashville it is a magical time, full of hope and curiosity. Each player summoned to the big leagues by the Bluebirds tells a story of what could be moving forward.

Reliever Axel Goulding doesn't look like a big league pitcher. The slight Australian is all of 5'10" and 175 pounds. At 25 years old he's unlike a lot of September callups, having spent the better part of 2037-2039 in the BBA with Louisville, then after being waived by the Sluggers earlier this year joined the Bluebirds for two short stints. His minor league numbers are extremely promising. In 23 innings with Orlando (AAA) he pitched 23 innings, allowed just 2 homers, and posted an awesome BB/K ratio of 3/20. Not bad. The gopher ball has been his undoing at the big league level. Goulding could be a cheap bullpen arm for the next season or two, and he'll get a long look in September.

Twenty-two year old righty reliever Rafael Torres is a bit of a mystery. He's a rare righty whose stuff actually plays better to left-handed batters, which makes him extremely valuable. His movement and control are just on the edge of acceptbale, however, and just which side of the edge they are on is the big question. He's saved 51 games in his two years in the Nashville system after saving 25 in IFA and then 31 in college, so he's got high-leverage blood pumping through his veins. The Bluebirds need to see what they have in Torres.

At 25 years old, outfielder Frank Underwood isn't a prospect anymore. This may be his last shot at staking claim to a BBA job. He got his first shot at the bigs earlier this year and it was a miserable failure. He fits the classic profile of a "Recte Gem" though, with his lefty bat and outstanding minor league numbers at high levels. Let's see if he takes advantage of this opportunity, or if he's the next big thing in the UMEBA.

Toby Peck is similar to Underwood, but with perhaps a little more upside. He's only 23 years old, and a switch hitter. Ironically he was acquired along with Underwood from Mexico City this offseason prior to the Rule 5 Draft.

Of all the young outfielders, Sixto Mejia has the most expectations associated with him. He was part of the return in the 2039 trade with Twin Cities in which Nashville gave up uber-prospect SP Lucio Mendoza, among others. Mejia is more of a power hitter than the other two, but struggles throughout his time in AAA with average this year. He did hit 20 homers in 252 AB's at AAA and 9 more in just 88 at-bats during a stint with High Point (AA). His lack of range may limit him.

Jose Gonzalez is what he is, a defense and speed reserve outfielder. This may be his last hurrah with Nashville as it is truly hard to see a way forward for him on the 40-man roster.

20 year old Nacho Mendez has had a couple cracks at the big leagues this year, admittedly too early. He's the type of player who does a lot of things well but nothing elite. At this time Mendez looks destined to serve in a backup or platoon role.

The Bluebirds hope that Javier Bultron has more to offer than the stats have shown this year. Every team needs a LH masher and Bultron could be that type of player. If he was a better defensive third baseman he'd have an easier path to a BBA roster spot.

Nashville signed veteran 1B Lew Driscoll to a minor league deal after San Antonio released him, and he responded by mashing AAA pitching in Orlando with a slash line of .342/.426/.602 1.029 and the Bluebirds decided to give ol' "Gunboat" one last change at sticking in the BBA.

And then there's Albie Racist. Once a huge prospect, he never turned into much. But he's still sticking around as a two-way player. Nothing special at the plate and not striking fear into anyone on the mound, but the simple fact that he can do both makes him somewhat useful. It didn't hurt that he laid AAA to waste this season, either.

And finally we come to one-time top prospect Jose "Frankenstein" Rangel, who is famous for throwing a no-hitter in 2039. Right out of spring he was put on the shelf with a hamstring strain, and almost immediately after returning he missed another six weeks with a strained shoulder. Now healthy, the Bluebirds are trying him out as their closer during September. So far so good with two saves and a 0.96 ERA.
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Re: A Flock Of Bluebirds 2040.9- September Callups Tell a Story for Nashville

Post by HoosierVic » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:41 pm

Driscoll was a useful reserve for me in Huntsville last season. Good to see him getting a last hurrah.

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