Baseball Diamonds and Pearls 2040.1- New GM Named

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Baseball Diamonds and Pearls 2040.1- New GM Named

Post by tallywood » Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:12 am

Baseball Diamonds and Pearls 2040.1- New GM Named


Fans of the 34-44 Manama Pearls were greeted by their new, bright-eyed general manager this morning on the lawn just behind the center field wall of Manama Fields. Those fans got a first-hand taste of what kind of leader the new GM, Dillon Lowery, will be like as he walked out of the company car and onto the lawn before the sun even peeked above the Persian Gulf horizon.

Lowery was put together, sipping a cup of coffee, and directing what seemed to be the first gaffe of his regime. He noticed that the makeshift stage he was set to answer questions on was facing a direction he did not like. He noticed that he would be facing the stadium, while fans and media would be facing the sea. (I will say, as media, I thought having the sea as a backdrop behind Lowery would make for better pictures, but as you will see, he explained his rationale later). The press conference was delayed only five minutes due to this matter, but Lowery stood up behind the newly rotated podium and received his welcome, and got right into laying out his goals, and of course, explaining the flipping of the stage.

"I want to be associated with the success of the stadium, the city, the players, and fans that will be sitting behind me," Dillon Lowery spoke of his intention of having the stadium as his press conference backdrop. He continued, "I know it might seem like a little thing to make such a fuss, but that is what I am bringing to the Manama Pearls--attention to detail."

Lowery spoke of the brief, but rich history the Manama Pearls are known for: 3 years of existence, 3 playoff appearances, and 1 championship. He made note to say that he will make sure that becomes a norm for the fans. However, what sparked the most buzz was how often he spoke of a "growth mindset," Lowery reiterated over and over that the team can always be better, no matter what happened yesterday. Lowery is a new GM, but his history of working with developing farm systems has shown that he is never afraid to make moves with not only prospects, but having new perspectives on the coaching staff, or even in lineups to see what works. "Scouts are amazing, don't get me wrong... but some dudes are just gamers, man," Lowery continued, "I want to find those guys."

Lowery spent time after the press conference meeting and greeting with fans and reminded everyone that he will be at every game, and most importantly, transparent with the fans. He parted with the words, "I want you to know I am here, I care, and I want you to trust me."


Lowery's first few days on the job were not quiet. He was seen daily at each of the ballparks in the Manama Pearls system: The Khartoum Racers and the Manila Pirates. He was equipped with a pen, a legal pad, and a very interrogative personality. He was seen talking to virtually every coach and player as he made his rounds.

After about five days of inspecting, he made his first moves:

Key Demotions:
1. Leo Minter has been demoted to Khartoum after posting a 5-6 record, a 4.45 ERA, and only 41 walks to 48 strikeouts.
2. Scott Hoover has been DFA'd after starting the year with an impressive .333 BA
3. Rhett Lawson has been DFA'd after starting the season with a .247 average. He always relied on his glove, however.

Key Promotions:
1. Gonzalo Fajardo finally comes off the IL and into the Manama rotation.
2. Harvey Specter is getting inserted into the starting Manama SS role from Khartoum.
3. Albert Ramirez is getting promoted into the Manama rotation from Khartoum.
4. Ivan Lopez is a 36 year old who is getting called up to Manama's bullpen from Khartoum.

Key team changes:
1. Laurent Fernandez is moving from 3B to RF to take advantage of his bat more often.


It is hard not to be blinded by shiny new objects, but we look forward to seeing what the Manama Pearls new GM has in store for the 2040 season and beyond.
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Re: Baseball Diamonds and Pearls 2040.1- New GM Named

Post by usnspecialist » Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:43 am

Excited to see the new direction for my adopted hometown!! That shot of Bahrain bay is a pretty great backdrop.
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Re: Baseball Diamonds and Pearls 2040.1- New GM Named

Post by CTBrewCrew » Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:53 am

Nice write up!

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Re: Baseball Diamonds and Pearls 2040.1- New GM Named

Post by shoeless.db » Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:33 am

Nicely done. I'd look into copy-writing "growth-mindset" before the piranhas start using it as their own (***cough *** Chicago *** Portland *** cough).
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Re: Baseball Diamonds and Pearls 2040.1- New GM Named

Post by RonCo » Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:45 am

Just getting aught up...outstanding...
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