Trail Droppings 2037-8 Spring Training Battles - Rotation

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Trail Droppings 2037-8 Spring Training Battles - Rotation

Post by indiansfan » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:41 pm

Spring Training Battles - Rotation

The Pioneers entered camp with 3 spots in the rotation locked down.

Cristobal Hernandez (10/7/8 Talents) - The runner up for the FL Nebraska last year and the owner of a nice new contract, Hernandez is the ace of the staff. This year it looks like he has a better supporting cast and should be able to put up some more W’s.

Jimmy Greenwood (9/8/10 Talents) - One of the best control guys in the league. This will be a pivotal year for him as some see him as a guy on the decline. A good year and he could exercise his opt out. If he is lumping the team could be left holding a $40 million dollar bag.

Carlos Rodriguez - This is the year that Rodriguez will show everyone why the Pioneers have been so patient with him. The team took him in 2033 in the Rule 5 and he pitched pretty well in relief the following year. He has spent most of the past 2 years in AAA honing his craft. His velocity has bumped to 98-100 with 13 stuff and 4 great pitches. This guy is going to surprise everyone.

These 2 vets got starts last year, but won’t be in the rotation this year.

Raul Sanchez (7/6/7 Talents) - The lefty was brought in last season to plug a hole in the rotation. With the trade of Soong, he is the only lefty competing for a spot in the rotation. However, since the team has several outstanding young arms, the odds are not in his favor. If he misses out on a rotation spot will the team be able to find a place in the bullpen for him?

Juan Perez (9/6/6 Talents) - He signed a team friendly extension last year and has pitched better in relief than in the rotation. So while he has started for the team, he won’t be in the rotation to start the year. He still has options, but might not be willing to take a demotion. With his contract he would certainly be lost on waivers, so the team will have to find a spot for him

Room for 1 or 2 in the rotation

Edwin Gilliam (8/7/8 Talents) - Probably the guy that we get the most trade requests about. This was supposed to be the year he moved into the rotation. Although for contract purposes, it might be better to space Pierce and him a year apart. His AAA numbers prove he is ready, but his numbers in camp were awful. His WHIP was 2.30 and he posted a 9,64 ERA and gave up 5 HRs. So since the team isn’t desperate to move him into the rotation he may go back down to AAA. On the other hand that could stunt the guy and it might be better to throw him to the BBA wolves.

Jefferson Pierce (10/7/7 Talents) - He pitched better than Gilliam in camp, even though he is a year younger. This guy is going to be great when he gets his shot. He is going to be a 200 K per season guy, but his stamina is an area of concern. The team thought that both he and Gilliam might start the year in the rotation and that might still happen. However, if only one of them makes it Pierce will be the guy.

Jose Dyola (7/7/7 Talents) - Entering camp Dyola was a guy who knew he would be fighting for a spot on the roster. He’s out of options and with the depth in the bullpen his chances were less than 50/50. Then the team gave him one more chance at the rotation and he was lights out. Dyola was the #1 player in camp this year. In 5 starts he went 4-0, .90 ERA, .90 WHIP. How does he not end up being the #5 starter?

Promising future, but it won’t be in Calgary this year.

Mike Bragg (9/6/7 Talents) - This is a guy that has bumped his way from oblivion to become the #74 prospect in the league. He was drafted in the 17th round of the 2935 Draft, the 524th player drafted. His ratings were 7/3/5, the kind of guy we normally don’t keep, but we did, because we were short pitchers in Rookie ball. Well now he is 9/6/7 with 4 good pitches. He had 3 good starts in camp, but needs more time to fill out his development. He could be in Calgary next year.

Clinton Womack (8/6/6 Talents) - Two seasons at AAA and Womack proved this Spring that he still isn’t ready. He will get another year to prove he is SP material, if not he may be dealt elsewhere or converted.

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