Sticking Points 2037.3: Pikemen Go Crazy on IFAs

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Sticking Points 2037.3: Pikemen Go Crazy on IFAs

Post by aaronweiner » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:28 pm

The Rockville Pikemen are used to getting some playoff dough every year. They'd better this year. The Pikemen spent an absurd $52 million on international free agents this year, a mark likely to put them somewhat into the red in 2038. While the Pikemen are apparently thrilled with what they got in the group, it's a mark that's sure to, well, leave a mark.

"We got most of the guys we were shooting for," said Weiner. "It's a really good haul and we're pretty happy with the results."

The GM has already waxed fairly poetic and gushed absurdly over Taiwanese outfielder Bing-de Zhao, who will certainly be moved to the infield. Zhao is a remarkable prospect who the BBA Scouting Association has already placed in the top ten overall prospects before he's even played a game purely on the basis of his bat.

"He can also play the infield," said Rockville AGM Jose Perez. "We're going to try him out at first base and second base and see what he can do there, but golly, that kid could be the best hitter we've all ever seen."

Rockville also got in a bid on top outfield prospect Gilberto Falchonelli. A young, speedy center fielder who has good range already in the outfield and good speed and ability on the basepaths, Falchonelli has strong potential plate skills and could have a very nice career as a powerhitting center fielder. The Pikemen also signed Man-Keung Sui, another potential center fielder whose makeup at the plate reminds most scouts of current Pikemen second baseman Jin-song Xuan, albeit at this point without the superior defensive ratings. He has exceptional contact potential with doubles power.

"We needed guys like this in the organization, who could really be top prospects," said Weiner. "We've called up all of our top guys, and, well, you saw what that did last year, but we need to make sure we're not cutting off the pipeline from the minors. Dealing away Pedro Mendez last year hurt, you know, since he's a really top pitching prospect, but we might not win the title without Dave Martin, and we did win it, so that looked pretty good, but we needed to restock."

Rockville's farm moved from 30th to 16th afterward, largely on the strength of the Zhao and Falchonelli signings.

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