Tater Talk: 2043.009 – Kate White Shark

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Tater Talk: 2043.009 – Kate White Shark

Post by jleddy » Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:53 pm

Image Thirty minutes had passed. Where was this kid?, I thought to myself as I poured my third glass of VODAK. Just then, there's a knock on my door.

"Come in," I said as I pounded the liquor and moved the empty glass aside.

In walked a young man, mid-20s. He looked pasty as if he'd seen a ghost. I could see the bags under his eyes from lack of sleep and I noticed he had missed a button on his Boise Spuds windbreaker.

"You must be young Youngblood," I said standing up from my chair and extended my hand out.

"Yes, yes sir. Pleasure to meet you," he said as he shook my hand. His palm was clamy. He was nervous, as if he had just been called into the principal's office.

"I'm sorry we have to meet for the first time under these circumstances, kid." Joe Youngblood was a lower-level scout in our organization. I typically leave those hires up to my assistant general manager.

"As am I, sir." I could sense the tension, if not fear, in his voice.

"Take a seat, catch your breath. Can I interest you in a drink? Water, soda..."

"I'll have what you're having," he said, nodding to the half-empty bottle of VODAK poorly hidden behind one of my computer monitors.

"Sure thing, kid." I open a drawer at the bottom of my desk and pull out a Bucharest Balauri coffee mug. "Ice?"

"No thanks". I fill it up just over half-way full and slide it over to him across the desk. The kid reaches over and in one motion, throws his head back and downs the entire contents. He may be a new scout, but he's got the moves of a seasoned vet, I'll give him that.

"Okay, so I have the notes from our call earlier. Any other details from this tryst with this woman you can remember?"

"Um, a few. She said she was a consultant of some sort. I mentioned how I was a professional baseball scout and had been driving from Seattle back to Boise. She said she spent a lot of time driving across the country too. She said she had been coming from Wisconsin and was heading up to Washington."

"Wisconsin to Washington, huh? And she bumped into you in Nampa? That's an odd route to take. Hold one second," I said as I grabbed my iPhone. I punched in a few numbers and waited a few seconds.

"Hey, Frank. Yeah, got the kid in here. He said she was coming from Wisconsin and heading to Washington state. Yeah, that's right. Uh huh. Yeah, and he met her in Nampa. Correct. Okay, sounds good," as I end the call on my phone. "That was Frank Potts, team security. He's going to look into this for us. Frank's the best."

Joe and I chatted for a minute or two off-topic as I tried to do my best to keep him at ease despite the shit storm he had created just an hour or so earlier. Then my phone rang. It was Frank.

"Whatta got? Yeah, uh huh. Sure, yeah. Oh really?! Now that is interesting. Okay, send it on over. Thanks Frank!" A few seconds later, my phone chimes, notifying me of a text message. I open it up and show Joe Frank's detective work.


"Sorry about the screen. Had a little mishap a few weeks ago. Found out Rangel was retiring and, well, I guess smart phones aren't supposed to be chucked across the room. Anyways...so Frank says a route from Wisconsin to Washington would not take someone through Nampa. There's just no god damn way, not a straight shot at least. Frank did some analysis and said a plausible route from Wisconsin to Washington with a stop in Nampa would have to take you through Salt Lake City and Boise. See what I'm getting at, kid?"

Youngblood nodded in agreement and stared at me in silence. "Well, no. I don't."

"This is sabotage, kid. Pure corporate espionage-type shit. Someone has been snooping around our Triple-A team in Salt Lake City and here in town in Boise. It makes sense!"

"Okay, I get it. So I was set-up?"

"Yeah, you took the bait. But hey, by the sounds of that woman, anyone would have. After we hung up, I did some thinking. Mostly drinking, but I did some thinking too. You know what is in Wisconsin and in Washington?"


"Well, yes, but not sure what that has to do with anything. Pop quiz, kid: who has a minor league club in Wisconsin?"

Youngblood took only a split-second before shouting "The Milwaukee Choppers!" The kid was quick, he knew his Brewster farm clubs, but this wasn't the answer I was looking for.

"Yes, true. And I wouldn't put it past Las Vegas to pull some shady shit but that's not who I was thinking of. Who else?"

Youngblood looked up at the ceiling. "Oh, it's Alpine Valley. The, uh, Snow Creatures?"

"That's the one! And who's the parent club?"

"Portland, sir."

"Right again. Now tell me what is Portland's Triple-A club?"

"Oh my god, sir. It's Quincy. They're in Washington."

I nodded in approval.

"Final question, Joe. Have you heard of Kate Fiscus?"
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Re: Tater Talk: 2043.009 – Kate White Shark

Post by shoeless.db » Fri Jun 26, 2020 10:18 am

Damn. Intriguing stuff. Sorry, I didn't get to this promptly.
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