2037.7 Boise Another Day, Another TN

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2037.7 Boise Another Day, Another TN

Post by Bumstead » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:16 am

It's Friday! I don't have to work again (well, after I'm done today) until tomorrow.... :headscratch: :blink: :eek: :doh:

The auditors are still pestering me about 2018, I'm trying to close out the financials for January and to top it off it is 40 degrees colder today than yesterday...

So, I made some adjustments to my lineup and I just knew y'all would want to know the details and the poor reasoning:

So, I moved Gary Schneider from DH to 2B. He's a better hitter and fielder than Dave Wilfer. I inserted Herve Billy into CF where he plays gold glove level defense; Not much of a hitter, which just means he fits in well with his teammates...I moved Dennis French to LF; he needs to learn it anyway (he's a 4 currently). In my last move, I put Pedro Holguin at DH as he was my weakest defender in the OF but I still want him batting leadoff. Vote for Pedro!

All those moves should allow for a better fielding team while not harming Boise's hitting prowess. I can hardly wait to see how this plays out; we went 1-6 last sim, so if we go 2-5, it clearly be my genius lineup and not the fact that we played 2 teams of marginal talent....Of note, Boise is 30-50 since I took over, but 5 games ahead of Pythag. Hopefully next season we will be able to get past fielding this AAAA all star team!

Tater Skins of note:

- Jim Des Jardien, OF, our 2nd round pick this season (I picked him). Talents: 7/6/8/6/5. Current ability 5/6/6/5/5. Looks like he's already lumped off a power point...Oh well, he's 20 and I started him at A-ball because he was already developed to an extent. He appears to be a high floor/low ceiling type of prospect. I expect he will arrive at some point in 2039 and I am certainly looking forward to that!

Ta ta for now.

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