Poblanotes 50.6- Draft Review

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Poblanotes 50.6- Draft Review

Post by chicoruiz » Wed Mar 30, 2022 9:30 pm

Okay...we've got some time, so let's take a look at the Chilis draft picks. Or let's do a Google image search for "hot lingerie models". No, the wife is around here... let's stick to the draft review. Okay, here goes:

1(4)- SP Chad Keys- Like many of my fellow GMs, I'm sick of drafting pitchers in the first round, but you gotta let the draft come to you, I guess. What came to me with this pick is actually pretty solid- a groundball pitcher with four plus pitches who's already pretty far along in his development. The only red flag is some elbow issues in January, but he's supposed to be all better now; I'll start him on a strict pitch count in Topeka just to make sure.

2(45)- 1B Cecil Clark- I don't feel great about this pick, but I ran into a time crunch and had to pick somebody, so Cecil was the guy. He's got a nice bat, but as a 1B-DH, you're looking for a bat that's better than "nice", so I'm going to mess around with him as a catcher at Hermosillo. If he can get some traction there, he'd be a really interesting prospect.

3(81)- 1B James Torres- I usually don't mess around with guys who have low work ethic/intelligence grades, but I took a flyer on Torres, who's got a power bat that will slot in nicely once he transitions to third base. He'll start at short-season A ball, and I'll keep an eye on his alleged crummy attitude. Heck, some days I have one myself...

4(113)- SP Aaron Boyce- Not all of us can be Ferraris in this world; some of us have to be Honda Civics. Boyce has no great highs but no great shortcomings; just reliable transportation. If his potential ratings get goosed upwards a bit he might see the majors, otherwise a summer in Albuquerque might end up being the apex of his career.

5(145) P Mark Green- I like this pick in round 5; Green's a two-pitch pitcher, but those two pitches rate a 7 and an 8, and he was quite successful in college. Plus he continues to feed my fetish for ground ball pitchers. Hey, there are pitchers in the majors who don't have as much to offer; I employ several of them myself.


12(369)- 1B Rudy Wooldridge- Yet another 1b who'll be tried in a new position. In Rudy's case it will be right field, where his plus arm will play well. He has gap power, but almost no home run power; but heck, if he had that there wouldn't have been 368 players picked ahead of him. Come on Rudy- make me look smart.
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