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2040.02 Tough season for Aviators

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:59 pm
by felipe
The Wichita ballclub reaches September 1 at 62-72. Their expected winning percentage has also dipped under .500 for the first team all season at 66-68. They are the definition of mediocrity.

Several rookies have been given chances this season, and most have been underwhelming.

Twenty-three year old catcher, Jason Bowen, has been learning on the job, to a mostly dismal result. The prized prospect has suffered through a full-time role, and is hitting .680 OPS with a slightly positive effect behind the plate.

lCadillac Gouzzie, has been an error machine at short, and is hitting poorly to `boot'. His .780 OPS is far below what was expected of the twenty-one year old.

Twenty-two year old left-fielder, Juan Hernandez, has been very disappointing, filling in for veteran outfielder, Whitey Dickinson, against southpaws. A limited rookie role that was expected to ready him for a starting role in 2041, instead has him swaying precipitously, teetering on the edge of the 40 man roster.

Twenty-one year old centerfielder, Hector Garza, has also disappointed, at the dish and in the field, although the man whose job he is earmarked to replace, Rinconhas done poorly too.

Twenty-one year old right-fielder, Jose Carlos Flores, has also disappointed when tasked with handling left-handed pitching for blossoming star, twenty-five year old Pedro Martinez.

The kids have been so disappointing, that several more have been brought up to audition for 2041 jobs; catcher John Todd, second baseman Clive Timberlake, utility man Jim Abernathy, and left-fielder Juan Roman, wil all be given their chance in September.

Re: 2040.02 Tough season for Aviators

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:33 pm
by RonCo
Sounds like Genius needs some more trips to South America.

Re: 2040.02 Tough season for Aviators

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 11:40 pm
by bschr682
Juan Hernandez made the naughty list on the podcast. He was dreadful in August.