2040.03 Aviators end disapointign season

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2040.03 Aviators end disapointign season

Post by felipe » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:43 pm

The Wichita Aviators ended the 2039 in bitter fashion, failing once more to reach their goal of .500 ball, ultimately finishing at a 74-88 record.

A brutal 10-17 April, scuttled their season before it ever began.

The Aviators scored a lot less runs than a season ago 753 to 786; and let in a metric shit-ton more, 818 to 776.

The starters were solid at preventing runs against, the big league rotation of Kevin Morales, Jesus Ramos, (both acquired in 2039), Hirotada Miura, and Hiroyuki Rin, (both acquired in 2038), and Land Aldridge. They were the seventh best staff in the JL. Only one other pitcher, lJames Robinson, started a game for the Aviators in 2040. All six will return to Wichita in 2041.

Tony Alomar, will be returning as the teams closer, and so will bullpen men George Galleto, and Doug Clement.

The 2041 Aviators are only losing three pitchers from their 2040 staff for 2041; forgettable bullpen veterans Martin Torres, super loogy Andy Cantrell, and Rafael Suarez.

Luis Garcia and Roberto Sanchez will likely return as they are extremely cheap and do not play much anyways.

The only help on the farm for 2041 is Kohuru Hakeau

So yea, 2041 will likely suck too.

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