2039.01 Aviators sign valued veteran leadership

GM: Stu Hopkins

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2039.01 Aviators sign valued veteran leadership

Post by felipe » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:43 am

The Wichita Aviator's had a successful 2038 off season, signing great players, making great trades...generally, just being great. The greatness is shown by their 52-48 record through the first 100 games of the 2039 season. Key to their 2039 success has been the astute free agent signings of veteran leaders Sergio Cordova and Mark Sturdivant.

Cordova has struggled somewhat at the plate for the Aviators, but not in the clubhouse. Cordova has been a key member of the 27 man big league roster, showing the younger Wichita stars how to become a 'professional.'

Young star shortstop Alex Ramirez has been effusive in his praise for the veteran's leadership. "Guys like Talamante and Whitley Jr., have come in here and shown us younger guys how to get through a season, how to weather the ups and downs, how to stay level...and sure...Cordova, is it? Yeah, he's been great too...he's shown me how you can cling onto a major league career, despite creating only 4 career WAR over 11 big league seasons."

To be fair to Cordova, the veteran has been a little snake-bit in 2039, his .203 BABIP is far below his career average of .269; whether that is a result of age and creaking joints, or just plain bad luck, is anyone's guess.

Mark Sturdivant has enjoyed greater success in his limited role, hitting for over .800 OPS in 100 plate appearances.

"Its a little boring to only play once in a while," admitted 'Hack', "But, I'm clinging onto my dream with my fingernails...and they're starting to bend backwards and break...I gotta get more calcium into me...at any rate....I'm here."

Gm Genius Hopkins had the following comment," Is it wonderful that I created such a great leadership group, at such a great value? Hell, I got both these vets for a combined $2.9 million...and only for one year! Maybe I should write a series of articles on how to be a great GM..."

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Re: 2039.01 Aviators sign valued veteran leadership

Post by recte44 » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:42 pm

Cordova's career is truly a mystery. :)
Matt Rectenwald
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