2036.02 On a Higher Plane...new look Aviators Infield

GM: Stu Hopkins

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2036.02 On a Higher Plane...new look Aviators Infield

Post by felipe » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:52 am

The second year Wichita Aviators are almost unrecognisable from the collection of MBBA flotsam and jetsam that washed up on the Wichita infield after the initial expansion draft in 2035.

All of of the starting players are new for 2036.


In what may be considered a step backwards in some circles of the MBBA hell, last minute 2035 free agent capture, Don Logan, a twenty-nine year old on base percentage machine, has been replaced in 2036, by geriatric, former Louisville star, thirty-seven year old, Paul Scholes. Scholes can't pick up Logan's bat, but Logan can't match Scholes' glove.

"I believe that Scholsey will improve our ERA by half a run, all by himself," declared Wichita Genius, GM Hopkins,"He's been around forever, and is still an excellent defender at his advanced age. He knows how to handle a pitching staff. He is also a tremendous leader, with a lot of championship experience. Our squad suffered from a lack of leadership last year, and now we have the best leader in the most important position. Logan is a great hitter, but he's a terrible person, compared to Scholesy."

Last seasons backup, Marcus Forryan, has been relegated to AAA as the Genius snagged another late free agent catching pickup in twenty-nine year old Ignacio Marrero. Marrero contributes a little more power than Forryan and is an excellent defensive backstop in his own right...and a tremendous team player with a high work ethic.

First base

Last season's sophomore break out performer, Juan Perez will start 2036 on the disabled list, depriving the Aviators of his 36 homeruns and .882 OBP. But his forced absence cracks open the starting opportunity door for head-scratching free agent signing, forty-two year old, Brian Clough.

"Any chance to snag Clough. I'll take," beamed the Genius" We will have to work out an unsatisfying platoon for Perez and Clough for times when they're both healthy...which given Clough's injury history...may not be that big a problem."

Clough is another great character player, an OBP legend, and was brought in to provide leadership to a young Aviator core.

Second base

Opening day in 2035 saw the immortal Grant Montoya playing second base for the Aviators. In time, he lost his position to twenty-seven year oldChester Owens, who started seventy-two games for the Aviators, (before retiring from the game after the Aviators released him in September). Montoya was only starting that day as thirty seven year old Andre Wellingtonstarted 2035 on the DL himself.

Wellington is now in Nashville, Montoya is in AAA after clearing waivers, and twenty seven year old Sparky Andersen is the undisputed second baseman of the present and future for the Aviators.

"I've always liked Sparky," grinned the Genius," Great team guy, an OBP machine with wheels, and he'll catch anything he can get too...which unfortunately, isn't as much as we'd like..."

Third base

Jesus Moijica was the 2025 Opening Day starter, and clubbed twenty homeruns over 85 starts at the hot corner for the Aviators, before being banished to Nashville in August. Third base Opening Day starter in 2036, was waiver wire pickup, Gustavo Gonzalez. Gonzalez has a great glove at third and can run with the elite guys in the league...his bat is suspect however , and there's rumours that a new player may yet be brought into Wichita to replace HIM.

"I had Draper destined to play third base for years for us, ever since I acquired him," grimaced the Genius, "But I just couldn't find a shortstop situation I liked - given our constraints with roster limits and waiver legibility and Rule V rules...so Gonzalez is here for now, while shortstops Kaouru Kouda and Piero Richemeli toil in AAA. We've also got Carlos Guerrero in AAA waiting to take over third or an outfield spot as a right handed batter once he has a little seasoning...so the situation is a fluid one at the moment...I would think that fans can expect Draper to be back at third base by September at the latest.


Everybody's second favourite third baseman, (after Louisville's Maguire), Don Draper, finds himself playing shortstop for the Aviators in 2036. Last season's starting shortstop, and first team captain, and focus of the teams' expansion year marketing, Japanese star, Kaoru Kouda finds himself in AAA.

"Kouda was always miscast as a starting MBBA shortstop," grimaced the Genius, "But you gotta make do with what you're given. I had him pencilled in as a long time Aviator, utility type guy who would be our consistent link on our four year run from expansion to championship...but his hitting ability has declined to the point where I'm not sure that's a reasonable expectation anymore. Especially since I picked up Richmeli and this year's Rule V guy Ismael Pena."

Its likely immaterial who plays shortstop as a placeholder for the Aviators in 2036, as 2035 number one overall amateur draft pickAlex Ramirez looks set to be unleashed upon the MBBA in 2037.

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Re: 2036.02 On a Higher Plane...new look Aviators Infield

Post by 7teen » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:04 pm

Draper has plenty of experience playing SS in his early Madison days. It's clearly not his best position but you gotta do what you gotta do.
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Re: 2036.02 On a Higher Plane...new look Aviators Infield

Post by RonCo » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:52 pm

Ramirez is obviously the guy to watch.
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